Residents of Stockton Springs recently donated a variety of school supplies to help enable the children to do supplemental hands-on activities that augment their basic curriculum.

The final tally of donated supplies included: six large three-subject notebooks, 91 glue sticks, six bottles of glue, eight packages of math flash cards, 19 boxes of washable markers, 28 boxes of colored pencils, 61 single-subject notebooks, 550 number 2 pencils, 50 boxes of 24 crayons, one package of notebook paper, 100 black ink pens, 18 rulers, 30 scissors, 18 packages of construction paper, 66 two-pocket folders, one backback, 10 Staples goody bags, and 10 $10 gift cards.

With school starting this week, the teachers welcomed the supplies with open arms. A big thank you goes out to Stockton Springs’ residents for their generosity.