The altered photo work of Petrea Noyes of Brooks will be displayed through the end of September in the Centre Gallery of the Unity College Centre for the Performing Arts, 42 Depot St. The gallery is open when there are performances or other functions in the building or any time by appointment.

To create her black and white works, she begins with a vintage photographs, which she crops, resizes and alters using a number of digital filters including Picture Window Pro, Adobe Essentials and Corel Painter. Once she obtains a satisfactorily blurred image, she prints it on Epson Matt canvas.

“I allow this to dry for 24 hours and then machine wash the piece … this may take one cycle or several until I obtain the correct amount of image ‘ghosting,'” she said.

The next step is to let the canvas dry for a couple of days and then use gesso and graphite to enhance what remains of the obliterated image. This then gets stretched on heavy-duty bars and finished with acrylics, glazes and varnishes. Noyes said she came by this process due to pure disgust with some of the pieces she had thought were “finished.”

“I figured laundering them might be an improvement over burning them in the driveway … sometimes this works well and sometimes it is a disaster. I think part of my job as an artist is to try to control the disasters I have created,” she said.

For more information or to set up a time to view the show, call 568-3147. To see what is happening in the auditorium so as to coordinate a gallery stop, visit

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