The following is text from the Sept. 10, 2011, Democratic radio address. To listen, click the MP3 link below.

“Good morning, I’m Rep. Michael Clarke from Bath.

Thank you for tuning in.

Ten years ago our country was changed by a profound tragedy that left many innocent Americans dead.

Tomorrow we honor the memories of those Americans in a day of observance.

When the planes hit the World Trade Center on that sunny day in September a decade ago, Americans collectively experienced grief, fear, and outrage at this horrible attack.

It was my duty — and my honor — to join the rescue efforts that day. As a captain and paramedic for the city of Bath Fire Department and a member of the FEMA urban search and rescue response task force, I left with an organized group of 72 other rescue specialists and K-9s to help our brothers and sisters in harm’s way. We arrived at Ground Zero to show solidarity with our fellow firefighters and police officers from New York and from across the country. We all worked together in the rescue and recovery efforts in the rubble of the towers.

It was a calling when things had gone very bad — we were all there, together.

Tomorrow, we remember the innocent that suffered the brutality of terrorism.

Tomorrow, we remember the countless heroes that ran into those burning buildings to save lives — many losing their own, in the line of duty.

Tomorrow, we remember the mothers, the fathers, and all of the children that lost a parent in this horrific attack.

A decade later, two wars, and new political battles make it easy to lose sight of what happened in our country on that day — we were all united.

We united behind our pride in our flag.

We united behind our pride in our Democracy.

We united behind our pride in our freedom.

We put politics aside to do what was best for our country. We worked together to put forth a plan to help the victims of this tragedy and rebuild a great American city. I personally had the honor to work on a bipartisan effort to improve health benefits for firefighters and police officers who responded to the attacks. It was the right thing to do.

Today, we are divided. Republicans and Democrats in Washington can barely agree on a date for a speech let alone avert a national debt crisis.

Tomorrow, we will unite in our observance of this national tragedy for one day.  I hope that sense of unity will remind us of what we are capable of doing together.

Thank you for listening. I’m Rep. Michael Clarke of Bath.”