The Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office is ruling the cause of a Labor Day fire that consumed a seaside cottage undetermined.

The building, one of seven privately owned vacation cottages at the 43-unit Colonial Gables Oceanfront Village, was reported to have caught fire at around 5 a.m., Sept. 5.

The cottage was unoccupied. According to an employee of Colonial Gables, the owner lives in Nebraska and was not known to be in the area at the time.

Local firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after the fire started, but the by the time blaze was put out there was little left of the building.

Sergeant Kenneth Grimes of the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office said the extent of the damage made it hard to determine the source. An electrician who investigated the scene ruled out a hot water heater that was eyed as a possible cause of the fire, and Grimes said no other leads presented themselves.

“At this point, the fire is officially listed as undetermined,” he said. “There’s not enough materials around, aside from that hot water heater, for us to come to a particular conclusion.”