After reviewing several cases of jewelry thefts that were reported in Searsport and Lincolnville last month, police have zeroed in on “a couple of people” who may have been involved, according to Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye.

LaHaye did not describe those people as suspects, but rather as individuals who police are interested in speaking to about the thefts, which have reportedly resulted in the loss of about $18,500 worth of jewelry from private residences.

Since the thefts were reported over the course of a couple of weeks in August, police in Searsport, Belfast and Lincolnville teamed up to compare notes on each of the break-ins in an effort to solve the cases. According to a recent press release from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, the burglary task force now includes officers from Camden, Waldoboro and the KCSO.

Late last week, officers with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office issued arrest warrants for a Rockport couple after police there learned that the pair had allegedly been selling thousands of dollars worth of jewelry for scrap to a Bangor-based outfit over the last couple of months.

Officers with the KCSO have since sought help from the public with locating the couple, who were identified in a press release as Patrick Quinn, 36, of Rockport and Summer Ali Ariza, 19, of Camden. Anyone with information as to the location of Quinn and/or Ali Ariza can call Detective Don Murray at 594-5656.

According to the release, officers with the KCSO and the Waldoboro Police Department executed five warrants on Sept. 8 and 9 from information obtained regarding a home invasion in Warren last month and multiple burglaries in Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties. The search warrants reportedly yielded further evidence of several area burglaries, drug use and trafficking.

Some of the information leading to the warrants was a result of the multi-department burglary task force, according to the news release.

Following the initial meeting of the task force, which took place at the end of August, LaHaye said each of the cases in Searsport and Lincolnville were similar and were likely related. One of the most striking similarities, LaHaye said, is that in all of the break-ins, only jewelry items were stolen. That was the case even when other valuables such as money or electronics were in plain view in some of the residences but remained untouched in the break-ins, LaHaye said.

LaHaye said Monday, Sept. 19 that there have been no further jewelry thefts reported in Searsport since the last one was reported Aug. 22, at which time a homeowner told police that about $12,000 worth of jewelry was missing from their Searsport residence.

That complaint followed an Aug. 17 report from a homeowner who stated that about $500 worth of jewelry had been taken from their residence. The complainant had reportedly been away from home for a short period of time, and had locked up the residence prior to leaving the premises. LaHaye said in that case, there was no sign of forced entry.

On Aug. 11, a homeowner reported that five pieces of jewelry, valued at about $3,000, had been stolen from their Searsport home.

Police in Lincolnville are also investigating four jewelry thefts that were reported over the course of two days late last month, and Chief Ron Young said a total of $3,000 worth of items had been stolen in those cases. The burglaries in Lincolnville initially appear to have occurred during daytime hours, when homeowners were at work. Some were forcible entry, while in other cases entry was made into unlocked premises.

Anyone with information about the Waldo County cases can contact Searsport Police at 548-2304 or Lincolnville Police at 763-3555.