The Busline League fall sports seasons have been pushing on at a feverish pace in recent days with plenty of soccer and cross-country action on tap throughout the area.

The following is a recap of reported results from Knox, Waldo and Lincoln county middle school in a variety of sports.

Coaches can report results to VillageSoup by emailing or calling 594-4401.

Girls soccer

Richmond 2, Medomak Middle School 1 … At Richmond Sept. 21, the Bobcats knocked off the previously unbeaten Riverhawks with a one-goal victory. Hannah Watmough scored for the visitors, while Chelsea Ripley played in goal for the ‘Hawks. Information for Richmond was unavailable.

Camden-Rockport 4, Oceanside “B” 1 … At Thomaston Sept. 21, the Schooners jumped to a 3-0 first-half lead and never looked back as they earned a win over the Mariners. Izzy Gutheinz, Emma Gutheinz, Charlotte Messer and Abby Matlack scored for CRMS, while Izzy Gutheinz also added an assist. Information for Oceanside was unavailable.

Camden-Rockport 2, Oceanside 1 … At Camden Sept. 20, the Schooners came away with a one-goal win in an exhibition match. Emma Vannorsdall and Izzy Gutheinz creased the net for CRMS, while Izzy Gutheinz also had an assist in the win. Sydney Hall scored the lone goal for the Mariners. Nina Levine was in net for Oceanside, while Julia Holt played in goal for Camden-Rockport.

Oceanside “A” 1, Troy Howard 1 … At Thomaston Sept. 19, the Lions and Mariners battled to a stalemate. Amber Beaulieu scored for Troy Howard, while Makenna Brooks creased the net for Oceanside.

Medomak Middle School 5, Boothbay 1 … At Waldoboro Sept. 19, the Riverhawks defeated the visiting Wildcats by four goals. Alike McMurrin scored two goals for MMS, while Taylor Smith, Maggie Cox and Jasmin Ramos also scored for the hosts.

Troy Howard 5, Oceanside “B” 1 … At Thomaston Sept. 17, the Lions roared to a convincing win over the Mariners. Alexis Racioppi and Mariah Sturgis each scored two goals for the Lions, while Beaulieu also creased the net for the hosts.

Camden-Rockport 6, Oceanside “A” 0 … At Camden Sept. 16, the Schooners dominated the visiting Mariners and picked up the shutout victory. Messer secured the hat trick with a three-goal effort, while Emma Gutheinz added two and Abby Matlack one.

Boys soccer

Oceanside 4, Camden-Rockport 1 … At Thomaston Sept. 21, the Mariners earned a three-goal victory over the visiting Schooners. Will Cole scored the lone goal for the Schooners, while Rory Polybank creased the net twice for Oceanside. Mariners Christian Straka and Andrew King also scored for the hosts.

Medomak Middle School 2, Richmond 1 … At Richmond Sept. 21, the Riverhawks doubled up the host Bobcats and prevailed by one goal. Zidane McMurrin had a goal and an assist for MMS, while Nick DePatsy headed in a McMurrin corner kick for the team’s second goal.

Camden-Rockport 6, Searsport 0 … At Camden Sept. 19, the Schooners scored three goals in each half en route to the shutout victory. Kienan Brown scored twice for CRMS, while Adam Hamilton, Kyle Crans, Max Horowitz and Jay Wilder also creased the net for the winners. Information for Searsport was unavailable.

Oceanside 8, Troy Howard 1 … At Thomaston Sept. 19, the Mariners came away with a dominating win over the visiting Lions. King converted a hat trick to lead Oceanside on the pitch, while Josh Luttrell and Christian Straka each added two goals and Keenan Hendricks one. Information for Troy Howard was unavailable.

Coed soccer

Appleton 2, St. George 0 … At Appleton Sept. 21, the Wildcats shut out the visiting Dragons by two goals. Gillian Lafleche and Cameron Hopkins scored for AVS. Hopkins made the score 1-0 in the second half after he deflected a free kick kick by the Dragons, and immediately fired the ball on the St. George net, which went just through the hands of the keeper for the goal. Jack Moody and Victoria Anderson played in net for the Wildcats.

Camden-Rockport 6th 3, South Bristol 0 … At Camden Sept. 21, the Schooners shut out the visiting Mariners by three goals. Tucker Grinnell had a hat trick for the hosts, while goalie Lucas Boetsch saved 12 shots.

Lincolnville 5, Bristol 0 … At Lincolnville Sept. 21, the Lynx shut out the visiting Blue Devils and prevailed by five goals. Josh Pitcarin had a hat trick for Lincolnville, while Morgan Mercier and Jet Magri also scored for the Lynx. Nick Czuchra, Magri and Jacson Mooers combined on the shutout in net for the hosts.

Camden-Rockport 6th 3, Vinalhaven 0 … At Vinalhaven Sept. 19, the Schooners shut out the host Vikings and prevailed by three goals. Grinnell, Alex Vokey and Meghan Gallagher each creased the net for CRMS, while information for Vinalhaven was unavailable.

Camden-Rockport 6/7 9, Nobleboro 2 … At Nobleboro Sept. 19, the Schooners sailed past the host Lions and prevailed by a convincing margin. Alex Dionne scored twice for CRMS, while Jacob Hill, Kaden Billiat, Isaac Kieran, Morgan Ford, Jack Moody and Owen Hilt each creased the net once for the visitors.

Lincolnville 5, Hope 1 … At Lincolnville Sept. 19, the Lynx continued in the ranks of the unbeaten with a four-goal win over the Hawks. Luke Burstein, Kieran Lydon and Magri each scored one goal for the Lynx, while Josh Pitcarin scored twice for the hosts. LCS also suffered an own goal in the win. Jet Magri and Nick Czuchra split time in net for the Lynx .

Camden-Rockport 6/7 2, Vinalhaven 0 … At Vinalhaven Sept. 17, the Schooners sailed across the bay and earned a shutout win over the host Vikings. Calvin Cameron and Colby Arau each scored for CRMS, while Maddison Jordan and Wilson McKay shared goaltending duties for the visitors. Information on Vinalhaven was unavailable.

Appleton 2, Camden-Rockport 6/7 1 … At Camden Sept. 15, the Wildcats doubled up the visiting Schooners and prevailed by one goal. Ben McKenna scored two goals for the hosts, while information on the Schooners was unavailable.

Lincolnville 6, Appleton 5 … At Appleton Sept. 14, the Lynx nipped the host Wildcats and came away with a one-goal victory. Isaac Kieran scored twice for the Wildcats, while McKenna, Jack Moody and Hopkins each scored one. Information for Lincolnville was unavailable.

St. George 3, Camden-Rockport 6th 2 … At St. George, the Dragons held off the visiting Schooners and came away with a one-goal victory. Vokey and Gallagher creased the net for the visitors, while information on St. George was unavailable.

Bristol 3, Camden-Rockport 6th 2 … At Camden, the Schooners came up one goal short in a tough contest against the Blue Devils. Grinnell and Gallagher scored for CRMS.

Camden-Rockport 6th 4, Nobleboro 0 … At Camden, the Schooners sailed past the visiting Lions. Vokey scored twice for CRMS, while Gallagher and Grinnell each scored once.

Cross country

At Belfast Sept. 15, Troy Howard hosted runners from Appleton, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, Islesboro, Searsport, Medomak, Richmond, Oceanside, Camden-Rockport and Lincolnville in a 10-team meet. No team scores were available for the race.

The following are individual finishers from each race. Times for the boys race were unavailable:

The individual finishers for the girls race, with times included, were: 1, Kristina Kelley, LCS, 16:13; 2, Grace Bonarrigo, TH, 16:21; 3, Brianna White-Ortiz, Ocean, 17:00; 4, Paige Ireland, SDMS, 17:07; 5, Grace Underhill, LCS, 17:47; 6, Olivia Ellis, SDMS, 18:00; 7, Haley Brown, SDMS, 18:04; 8, Mirelle Lafreniere, LCS, 18:13; 9, Isabelle Lang, LCS, 18:43; 10, Anna Dare, LCS, 18:51; 11, Emma Reynolds, SDMS, 18:56; 12, Keira Hayes, LCS, 19:13; Hannah Richards, TH, 19:32; 14, Clara McGurren, LCS, 19:47; 15, Gabby Simmons, Ocean, 17:50; 16, Jasmine Douglas, LCS, 19:52; 17, Danielle Ladd, Ocean, 19:53; 18, Gabby Englander, LCS, 20:00; 19, Ainsley Meklin, Ocean, 20:46; 20, Sumir Mahonen, Ocean, 20:47; 21, Mackenzie Barnhart, TH, 22:17; 22, Thalia Eddyblouin, GSB, 22:46; 23, Mary Reid, GSB, 22:46; 24, Makenzie Philbrick, SDMS, 23:04; 25, Hunter Merchant, TH, 23:09; 26, Maya Bailey, GSB, 23:10; 27, Annie Wirth, TH, 23:57; 28, Madison Philbrick, SDMS, 23:57; 29, Elaine Fitzpatrick, GSB, 24:27; 30, Olivia Andrews, TH, 27:42; 31, Natasha Rogers, TH, 27:51; and 32, LeeAnn Bowden, TH, 27:51.

The individual finishers for the boys race were: 1, Jordan Bickford, TH; 2, Zane Bielenberg, TH; 3, Patrick Groening, TH, 4, Sam Russ, GSB; 5, Hayden Thibault, LCS; 6, Austin Merando, TH; 7, Ricky Smith, TH; 8, Noah Lang, LCS; 9, Brandon McKeen, SDMS; 10, Daly Winterich, Ocean; 11, Drew Kelley, LCS; 12, John Golgano, TH; 13, Leander Andrews, TH; 14, Michael Kremin, LC; 15, Patrick Coreoran, Ocean; 16, Kyle Wood, LCS; 17, Noah Howard, TH; 18, Alex Copland, LCS; 19, Ben Jacobs, GSB; 20, Dawson Allen, LCS; 21, Dan Lydon, LCS; 22, Malcolm Dunson-Todd, TH; 23, Andrew Lavin, SDMS; 24, James Cole, TH; 25, Curran Grant, Ocean; 26, Terrell Ward, TH; 27, Jonah Daiute, GSB; 28, Noah Thomas, TH; 29, Will Bickford, TH; 30, Fidel Mauser, TH.

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