Law enforcement personnel from several different agencies were working in the woods off Route 52 Friday, Sept. 23, though they declined to release specific details about what they were doing.

Lt. Chris Coleman, head of the Maine State Police Criminal Investigation Division Unit II, said only that those present at the scene were “assisting the Portland Police Department with one of their cases.”

Late Friday afternoon, Portland Police Lt. Gary Rogers said the work in the woods along Route 52 was related to the case of Elena Lozada, a 24-year-old woman from Portland whose skeletal remains were found in the same area of Northport in April of this year. Lozada had been missing since the summer of 2010.

“We’re working the case together,” said Rogers, referring to his department and Maine State Police.

In late April, personnel from the Portland Police Department, State Police and the Warden Service searched for additional remains at the Northport site. That search included K9 cadaver teams.

Regarding the April search, Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said at that time that police were searching for additional remains and possible evidence. He also said that the Portland Police Department was the primary investigating agency.

Agencies present Sept. 23, in addition to CID II, included the Maine Warden Service, the Medical Examiner’s Office and a non-CID State Police K9 unit. Signage on the vehicle from the Medical Examiner’s Office indicated it, too, contained a K9 unit.

In total, nine vehicles were observed at the scene around 10:15 a.m. Friday. Eight of them were parked along Route 52, while the ninth — an Evidence Recovery Team vehicle for the CID unit, was parked just off the road on an unnamed woods road.

Rogers declined to provide any additional details about what law enforcement officers were doing in Northport on Sept. 23, such as what specifically they were looking, why they were there on that particular day or whether any additional searches had been conducted since April.