After a quiet summer at Wiscasset Raceway, on Saturday, Oct. 15 the gates will reopen to racers and spectators in a racing event called “Save the Track.”

The event will run 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Admission fee is $5 per person for the pit area and grandstands.

Wiscasset has been a staple of Maine stock car racing for decades but there has not been racing at the track this summer.

According to the track’s website, a lease agreement between all interested parties has been secured, allowing a racing event to be held at Wiscasset Raceway for the purpose of maintaining the current noise ordinances.

“Save the Track” is a non-profit event, depending on sponsorship money to cover the necessary expenditures. The money would cover race and liability insurance, state permit, advertisement and necessary repairs, among other things.

Event organizer Tony True said the event is to be a fun day, with a purpose. “It could be possibly our last chance to race at Wiscasset Raceway,” True said. He hopes to be able to put on a successful show to demonstrate that the raceway is a sound investment to a potential buyer.

Built by Wilford Cronk of Wiscasset in the late 1960s, Wiscasset Raceway has hosted more than 40 years worth of races. Many of the drivers who have rolled along the track have come from the Lincoln, Knox and Waldo County areas.

The raceway was posted for sale by owner Doug White earlier in the year and no racing has taken place during the 2011 summer season.

Those interested in sponsoring the Oct. 15 racing event, volunteering or who have questions, can call True at 350-0918.

Peter Taylor of Washington, who has been involved with the track in the past, especially as a photographer, also can be reached at 542-0820.

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