The Belfast Area Peewee Football League played two games Sept. 25 at Troy Howard Middle School, with the Dolphins facing the Vikings and the Chiefs battling the Rams.

In the first game, the Vikings won 50-14. In the first quarter, the Vikings marched down the field with Stan Sturgis and Nick Salvatore combining for 30 yards, ending with a Dean Grass 15-yard touchdown. The Vikings again took over and Grass and Salvatore totaled 30 yards, as Salvatore finished with a 15-yard score for the Vikings. The extra points were scored by Sturgis to give the Vikings a 14-0 first-quarter lead.

The second quarter, for the younger players, saw the Dolphin offense dominate most of the stanza with Jack Hanson having runs of 10 and 15 yards and a 10-yard scoring jaunt. The extra points also were scored by Hanson. With six seconds left, Viking Dylan Abbott received the ball at the 50-yard line and immediately downed it. As time ran out, Abbott pitched the ball to Grady Doolan, who rambled for the 50-yard TD as the Vikings led 20-8 at halftime.

In the third quarter, Dolphin Hayden Sheldon received the kick, broke away from numerous Vikings for a 60-yard score. The Vikings answered with Sturgis, Perkins, Salvatore and Grass combining for 35 yards, with quarterback Sturgis finishing with a 30-yard score. Perkins scored the extra points to give the Vikings a 28-14 lead.

The Vikings regained control of the ball at the 40-yard line. Viking Dakota Doolan ran for 15 yards and Grass finished with a 45-yard score. The stanza ended with the Vikings leading 34-14.

In the fourth quarter, the Viking offense dominated. Salvatore, Dakota Doolan, Perkins, Grady Doolan and Sturgis combined for 45 yards, with Sturgis going into the end zone on a 5-yard run. The extra-points pass went from Sturgis to Dakota to make it 42-14. The Dolphins fumbled on the 50-yard line as Chris Kelley recovered. The Dolphins were stopped by the Vikings later in the quarter as Grass intercepted a pass and Perkins raced in for a score. Tyler Bartlett recorded the extra points.

In the second game, the Rams beat the Chiefs 14-0. The Rams hit paydirt in the first quarter as Ben Sniger, on a sweep, raced 40 yards for the score. The extra points were tallied by Konnor Harford on a quarterback sneak to make it 8-0.

In the second quarter, the Rams scored on a quarterback keeper for 40-yard TD by Colby Alley.

The third and fourth quarters proved to be defensive battles. Neither team was able to get into the end zone. In the third quarter, Sam Goguen recovered a fumble and Issa Ham had several solid open field tackles.

Upcoming schedule: On Sunday, Oct. 2 at Troy Howard Middle School, 1 p.m., Vikings versus Rams; and 2:30 p.m., Dolphins versus Chiefs. On Wednesday, Oct. 5, at Belfast Area High School, 6 p.m., Rams versus Chiefs.

Information for this story came from Margo Dyer.

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