Marion Swanson, longtime Lincolnville resident, along with her husband, Harry (an amazing artist), filmed her last Lincolnville selectmen’s meeting Monday, Sept. 26, turning off the camera after almost a decade of keeping town business live on the air over cable television.

But before she ended, Swanson got up before the camera and delivered some advice to the selectmen, suggesting they hire someone to take her place, but ideally, an older resident who cares about the community and its issues, and wants to get involved. Younger videographers are fine, she said, but they tend not to stick around for long, leaving for new territory.

“It’s been interesting,” she said, as the selectmen, one by one, thanked her for all her years of manning the camera and keeping them in the public’s eye.

She also put in a plug for renovating the new town office and creating a general meeting room, where camera equipment would be permanently set up. Currently, selectmen meet in a second-floor classroom at the Lincolnville Central School, where camera equipment and a television are hooked up for each public meeting, including those of the planning board.

Marion and Harry are moving to Tennessee, near Nashville, to be closer to their daughter and son-in-law. The couple has been integral to the community for years, moving north to Lincolnville Beach from Cape Cod 22 years ago, setting up a studio for Harry, and volunteering with local organizations and in the town.

They will be leaving in mid-November, but Marion wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her colleagues at the town office on Monday evening.

“I’ll be down to vote,” she said, as she got a hug from Selectman Stacey Parra.