The Busline League middle school fall sports regular seasons are drawing to a close, with the postseason for many taking place over the coming days.

The final standings and playoff pairing for boys, girls and coed soccer, along with field hockey, will be announced in the coming days. The cross-country championship meet will be Friday, Oct. 14 at 3:45 p.m. at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast.

Coaches can report middle school sports results to VillageSoup by email at or by calling 594-4401.

The following is a recap of recently reported events:

Girls soccer

Oceanside “A” 6, Searsport 3 … The Vikings fell by three goals against the Mariners. Melinda Ogden scored twice to lead Searsport, while Kerrigan Coffin added another score. Sydney Hall scored an incredible five goals for the Mariners, while Ireland LeBlanc also scored for the winners.

Camden-Rockport beat Searsport… Sept. 30, Melinda Ogden scored the lone goal for the Vikings, while information for the Schooners was unavailable.

Oceanside “B” 3, Camden-Rockport (6/7) 1 … Sept, 29, the Mariners defeated the Schooners in an exhibition game. Kelsey Brooks had two goals for Oceanside, while Makenna Brooks also creased the net in the win. Emily Bowen scored for the Schooners, on an assist from Olivia Berez. Julia Holt minded the net for CRMS, while Kayln Grover played in goal for Oceanside.

Medomak Middle School 3, Great Salt Bay 2 … At Waldoboro Sept. 30, the Riverhawks won their final game of the regular season by one goal over the Cougars. Kassandra Mank, Sophie Cohen and Taylor Smith all scored for MMS.

Boys soccer

Searsport 2, Troy Howard 2 … The Vikings and the Lions played to a stalemate, with no overtimes taking place due to darkness. Connor Kneeland and Liam MacMillan each scored for Searsport, while Eric Phillips added an assist. Ben Powell was in net for Searsport. Information for Troy Howard was unavailable.

Camden-Rockport 9, Searsport 1 … On Sept. 29, the Schooners experienced a high-scoring second half en route to a lopsided win. First-half scorers for the Schooners were David Flint and Tom Cox, while second-half scorers were Jonah Cameron (2), Kienan Brown, Ian McBride, Alex Forcillo (2) and Kyle Winchenbach. Connor Kneeland scored the lone goal for the Vikings.

Medomak Middle School 8, Great Salt Bay 0 … At Waldoboro Sept. 30, the Riverhawks earned a shutout victory over the visiting Cougars. Leading the offensive charge were Ollie Brown (goal), Zach Starr (assist), Zidane McMurrin (goal), Richie Sproul (goal), Jackson Vail (assist), Cameron Robinston (goal), Franny Johnson (2 goals, assist), Taylor McLain (goal, assist) and Laken Harrington (assist). Vail, Nick DePatsy and Cameron Robinson saw time in net for MMS.

Coed soccer

Lincolnville 6, Nobleboro 0 … At Lincolnville Oct. 3, the Lynx picked up the shutout victory and finished the regular season both unbeaten and untied for the first time since 1998. Lincolnville scored 55 goals through nine games and held foes to 12. Against the Lions, Josh Pitcairn (goal), Morgan Mercier (goal, assist), Kieran Lydon (2 goals), Jet Magri (goal), Keeli Wood (goal) and Emma McGurren (assist) led the offense.

Hope 5, Camden-Rockport (6th) 1 … At Hope Sept. 30, the Schooners came up short against the host Hawks. Tucker Grinnell scored the lone goal of the game for CRMS, while Luke Boetsch saved more than 20 shots in the loss. Information for Hope was unavailable.

Field hockey

Camden-Rockport 9, Great Salt Bay 0 … On Sept. 28, the Schooners cruised to a shutout win over the Cougars. Willow Grinnell, Alice Podolsky and Frances Pendleton each notched two goals for CRMS, while Rose Flanagan, Emily Daggett and Caroline Lerner each added one.

Camden-Rockport 1, Boothbay 0 … On Sept. 29, the Schooners prevailed in a game that saw Alice Podolsky score the game-winner.

Cross country

At Lincolnville Sept. 29, the Lynx hosted a five-team meet, won by the Medomak Middle School girls and the Boothbay boys.

The girls team scores were: Medomak 46, Lincolnville 49, Boothbay 58, Oceanside 85 and Richmond no score. The boys team scores were: Boothbay 15, Lincolnville 68, Medomak 118 and Richmond and Oceanside no score.

The individual girls results for local runners were: 2, Brianna White-Ortiz, Ocean, 16:56; 3, Kristina Kelly, Lin, 17:02; 4, Rayanne Leach, Med, 17:27; 6, Jill van der Schaff, Med, 17:43; 7, Krista Hooper, Med, 17:50; 8, Isabelle Lang, Lin, 18:09; 9, Mirelle Lafreniere, Lin, 18:24; 12, Kiera Hayes, Lin, 19:05; 13, Laurel Brooks, Med, 19:07; 16, Amanda Poland, Med, 19:32; 17, Clara McGurren, Lin, 19:40; 19, Ainsley Meklin, Ocean, 20:08; 20, Danielle Ladd, Ocean, 20:34; 21, Sumir Mahonen, Ocean, 20:37; 23, Gabby Simmons, Ocean, 20:55; 25, Emily Davis, Ocean, 21:09; 26, Sydney Lytton, Lin, 21:29; 29, Gabby Englander, Lin, 22:42; 30, Libby Maguire, Lin, 23:48; 31, Natasha Lowe, Med, 24:10; 32, Casandra Wadsworth, Med, 24:26; 34, Antyna Gould, Med, 24:43; 35, Anna Dare, Lin, 24:45; and 36, Ayla Curit, Lin, 24:55.

The individual boys results for local runners were: 7, Drew Kelly, Lin, 17:40; 9, Josh Delgado Med, 17:54; 10, Noah Lang, Lin, 17:58; 11, Dalis Winterich, Ocean, 18:01; 13, Trent Grover, Med, 18:22; 16, Dawson Allen, Lin, 18:29; 17, Hayden Thibeault, Lin, 18:39; 18, Michael Kremin, Lin, 18:45; 20, Kyle Wood, Lin, 18:58; 22, Curran Grant, Ocean, 19:18; 23, Patrick Corcoran, Ocean, 19:19; 25, Dan Lydon, Lin, 19:40; 30, Deagan Poland, Med, 21:45; 32, Joseph Campagna, Med, 22:55; 34, Jacob Seigel, Med, 23:40; 36, Kyle Olson, Med, 24:01; and 38, David Audette, Lin, 25:17.

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