Advisers of the youth support group Making Change, Tim Woitowitz and Marian Fletcher, keep an open-door policy for the weekly meetings, but as a rule, no parents are allowed.

We typically support parental involvement, particularly when a young person is fighting drug addiction or other very adult problems, and Woitowitz said parents do play an important role in the recovery process for a lot of the youths in Making Change — just not during the support group meetings themselves.

We get that; it’s all in the interest of getting these young people to open up about their issues, without having to soften the blow for mom or dad. Only then can they find the help they truly need, whether it’s through Making Change or some other local service that can pick up where Woitowitz and Fletcher leave off.

It’s not easy for anyone to admit to having a problem and to ask for help, especially a teen who is concerned about getting in trouble at home or disappointing relatives. We applaud the folks behind Making Change for acting as a support mechanism, not a hindrance, to that process.

We also hope the presence of Making Change in the community and how it impacts those who participate in the group sessions will only help to strengthen families in the end.