At least nine local men and women will lose their locks come Sunday, Oct. 16, all in the name of helping a neighbor who is fighting cancer.

That is when Lori Mayer, owner of Lori’s Cafe on Route 3 in Liberty, will host the second annual “Joy to be Bald.” The event will begin Sunday at 2 p.m., said Lacey Fuller, one of several women who will volunteer to have their heads shaved by the highest bidder.

Fuller said her cousin, Mayer, organized the first fundraiser last fall after talking with her customers about how best to raise money to help her close friend, Joy Mehuren, who was fighting cancer and struggling to keep up with the associated medical expenses.

One day, Fuller said, Mayer asked her customers how much they would give her if she shaved her head — by the end of the day, Mayer had $400 worth of pledges. That, said Fuller, was enough to get Mayer on board with going bald.

“At that point, she realized she was really going to have to do it,” said Fuller.

But Mayer found that she didn’t have to do it alone — there were others in the community who didn’t mind giving up their hair to help Mehuren.

Those who opted out of the extreme haircut came through with donations, said Fuller, and over the course of a month Mayer was able to raise about $6,400 to help Mehuren with her medical costs.

While Fuller said it will be exciting to see the event grow in its second year, it is also bittersweet. Mehuren passed away as a result of the disease in July, but Fuller said “Joy to be Bald” is one way her memory will live on in the community, as well as help others who are battling cancer.

This year’s proceeds, said Fuller, will go to Lori Montminy, a local woman who is currently undergoing cancer treatments.

As was the case last year, Fuller said this year’s event promises to bring its share of fun and good-natured ribbing.

“We wanted to make it as fun as possible,” said Fuller.

Fuller said last year, for example, Mayer accepted the challenge of a local businessman who offered up a larger monetary donation if Mayer agreed to wear a Boston Red Sox jersey — a tall order, said Fuller, for a die-hard Yankees fan.

All of those kinds of challenges are welcomed and encouraged, said Fuller, and will dovetail with the live auction-style pledge drive that will determine who will have the honor of shaving each participant’s head. There will also be a silent auction, Fuller said, as well as a bake sale.

For this year’s event, Fuller said the longer hair that is cut from the heads of participants will be collected and donated to the organization Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that serves children suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatments or other medical conditions.

Anyone interested in donating, participating, or learning more can contact Mayer at 589-4141 or Fuller at 217-5867.