On Friday, Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m., Scott McKeown, training coordinator of Transition U.S., will speak at Waterfall Arts, 256 High St. in Belfast about his experiences engaging community in homegrown, citizen-led education and grassroots action on issues such as the rising cost and availability of food and fuel.

McKeown is a founding member of the thriving Transition Initiative in Sebastopol, Calif. (transitionsebastopol.org). This free talk is sponsored by the Belfast Area Transition Initiative, the newly forming Brooks Transition Initiative, and Transition Initiative Portland.

Those concerned about the rising cost and future availability of fuel and food can come and learn how people throughout the world are engaging their communities on these issues in positive and effective ways through the Transition Model.

The Transition Movement is comprised of vibrant, grassroots community initiatives that seek to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis. Transition Initiatives differentiate themselves from other sustainability and “environmental” groups by seeking to mitigate these converging global crises by engaging their communities in home-grown, citizen-led education, action, and multi-stakeholder planning to increase local self reliance and resilience.

McKeown will speak and answer questions on the Transition movement from his personal experiences in working with Transition groups throughout the country, and in founding the thriving Transition Sebastopol in California.

He will tell of the surprising, positive and creative responses that have emerged over time from within the Sebastopol community. McKeown is well able to speak personally of the challenges, joys, scars and the personal satisfaction of having co-created a living social model which utilizes the collective community genius to prepare for a difficult future.

For information about the Oct. 22 and 23 weekend Transition Training with Scott McKeown and Alistair Lough to be held at the Newforest Institute in the town of Brooks, contact Kim Jacobs at zephyrhill@fairpoint.net or 722-3139.