A bicyclist who was reportedly riding after dark and lacked the reflective gear needed to be visible to oncoming traffic was given a ride to the Waldo County Jail after police were alerted to the situation.

Brandon G. Moody, 19, of Brooks was arrested Friday night, Oct. 14 on charges of violating conditions of release and possession of schedule W drugs after deputies with the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office drove out to meet Moody where he was riding his bike on Route 203 in Brooks.

Lt. Jason Trundy said the deputies headed to Brooks in search of the bicyclist, who was later identified as Moody, after receiving a complaint from a driver who said they nearly struck Moody while driving past him on Route 203.

“[Moody] was riding down the side of the road on a bicycle, and he was wearing all black clothing,” said Trundy, noting that Moody was also riding without any kind of reflectors or lights on either the bike or on his clothing.

When police caught up with Moody, Trundy said, the intention was to tell Moody that what he was doing was dangerous. Trundy said the officers also asked Moody if there was someone who could come and pick him up, and Moody said he could get a ride home.

As police were obtaining Moody’s information, Trundy said, the officers learned that Moody is subject to bail conditions.

Once Moody knew police planned to search him, Trundy said, Moody produced a bag with pills inside that were identified as Adderall.

“[Moody] was very cooperative,” said Trundy.

Moody was taken to the Waldo County Jail.