A Swanville man ended up in jail early Thursday morning, Oct 20 after he allegedly climbed behind the wheel while intoxicated — a move that did not go unnoticed by employees at a local bar.

By morning, James Ford, 34, had racked up four charges. Belfast Interim Police Chief Walter Corey said the trouble for Ford began when he entered a local bar and the staff there refused to serve him because he appeared to be intoxicated.

“I guess he was a real mess,” said Corey.

The bar staff told Ford to leave the establishment, and Corey said the employees watched Ford as he “stumbled to his car and drove off.”

Corey said employees at the bar immediately called police, and Officer Roy Smith caught up with Ford at the Big Apple Convenience Store on Route 1. Ford, who reportedly had a blood alcohol content of .10 percent, was arrested on the OUI charge. In addition, Corey said, Ford allegedly had some marijuana on him at the time of his arrest and was charged with that offense.

Ford was then transported to the Waldo County Jail, Corey said, where the jail staff discovered he had pills that were not discovered during the booking process, leading to a charge of possession of schedule W drugs (Percocet). Because Ford had already been admitted into the jail, Corey said, he was charged with trafficking in prison contraband.

Corey said a trafficking charge typically indicates a person is selling or buying illegal substances, but in a jail setting a trafficking charge is applicable even if an individual is not distributing the substance to others.

“All we have to show is that they were in possession of it inside the facility,” said Corey.

Corey advised anyone who sees someone they believe may be driving while intoxicated to call police immediately at 338-2420.

“The more eyes we have out there, the better,” said Corey.

Ford is scheduled to appear at Waldo County Superior Court Thursday, Dec. 29.