Highlights from recent Point Lookout Mixed Bowling League play includes:

Men’s high scratch game: Mike Tremblay, 235.

Men’s high scratch series: Barry King, 584.

Men’s high handicap game: Tremblay, 282.

Men’s high handicap series: John Fishman, 720.

Women’s high scratch game: Arlene Kent, 155.

Women’s high scratch series: Kent, 364.

Women’s high handicap game: Kate Gray, 237.

Women’s high handicap series: Stephanie Thostenson, 585.

Team high scratch game: Minds In the Gutter, 671.

Team high scratch series: Beer Frame, 1,871.

Team high handicap game: Minds In The Gutter, 928.

Team high handicap series: Minds In the Gutter, 2,556.

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