Singling out one person or group for making Belfast a better place is tricky business. There are many. And often the contributions come quietly in the form of volunteer labor or a check to underwrite a local project. Friends of Belfast Parks has done a fair amount of both, with just enough fanfare to get the word out about the latest endeavor.

The volunteer group built the Belfast Dog Park with not much more than the permission of the city, and turned the annual Wienerfest, previously an inspired but small event, into a major spectacle drawing visitors from around Maine and neighboring states.

Most recently the Friends agreed to put up $5,000 toward a seasonal, outdoor ice rink. The push prompted the City Council to front $10,000 to get the project started, and workers have since begun laying the groundwork to bring water and electricity to a piece of land behind Waterfall Arts where the rink is to be located.

The site happens to be owned by the school district, which goes against one of the Friends’ original stipulations for the gift — that the project be built on city-owned land. But given the group’s focus on providing public recreation, we hope the skating rink still fits the bill. Either way, a rink appears to be on its way thanks, in large part, to Friends of Belfast Parks.