They are weekend warriors — both men and women — who simply love to step onto the Camden Snow Bowl football field each Sunday to try, in their own way, to reenact the plays the pros will make in the games they will watch on television later that same day.

Or perhaps they simply want to remain active and involved in a sport for which they still have great respect and passion.

No matter the reasons, Midcoast residents, from as young as about 20 to players in their 50s, run around, make passes, block and even play a little defense now and then in the weekly Camden-Rockport Adult Flag Football League.

The league has held games on Sundays for several weeks with the final contests in sight and the postseason on the horizon.

The league standings are: Pioneers 5-1, P.G. Willey 5-1, Tolman Pond 4-2, Stonescape 2-4, Lanphere & Sons 1-5 and Belfast 1-5.

The Nov. 6 results were: P.G. Willey 28, Lanphere & Sons 12; Tolman Pond won by forfiet over Stonescape; and Pioneers 28, Belfast 6.

The Oct. 23 results were: P.G. Willey 21, Tolman Pond 0; Pioneers 20, Stonescape 14; and Belfast 19, Lanphere & Sons 12.

The Nov. 13 schedule includes: Tolman Pond versus Belfast, Lanphere & Sons versus Pioneers and Stonescape versus P.G. Willey.

The Nov. 20 schedule includes: Belfast versus Stonescape, Pioneers versus P.G. Willey and Tolman Pond versus Lanphere & Sons.

The single-elimination playoffs will be Sunday, Nov. 27, with the Nos. 1 and 2 teams receiving byes. No. 4 will face No. 5 at 9 a.m., No. 3 will play No. 6 at 10 a.m., No. 1 will meet No. 4-No.5 winner at 11 a.m., No. 2 will battle No. 3-No. 6 winner at noon; and the two survivors will meet at 1:30 p.m. for the championship.

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