The Camden-Rockport Adult Flag Football League single-elimination playoffs now will take place Sunday, Dec. 4 at the Camden Snow Bowl, pushed back two weeks from the original postseason plan to help break the three-way tie atop the standings.

Three teams — Tolman Pond, P.G. Willey and Pioneers — currently have identical records atop the standings. The regular-season standings are: P.G. Willey 5-2, Tolman Pond 5-2, Pioneers 5-2, Stonescape 3-4, Lanphere & Sons 2-5 and Belfast 1-6.

Tom Kennedy, who directs the league, said, after some discussion among coaches, the league has decided to play out the regular season because of the three-way tie between the top teams.

Thus, the final regular-season games on Sunday, Nov. 20 will see Stonescape and Belfast at 10 a.m., P.G. Willey and Pioneers at 11 a.m. (this game will decide the top two seeds for the playoffs) and Tolman Pond and Lanphere & Sons at noon.

“So we thought this would be the fairest thing to do,” Kennedy said of the recent change in postseason plans.

The results of Nov. 13 regular-season play included: Stonescape 21, P.G. Willey 12; Lanphere & Sons 12, Pioneers 8; and Tolman Pond won by forfeit over Belfast.

The single-elimination playoffs, and chase for the league championship, now will be Sunday, Dec. 4.

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