In an effort to raise student aspirations at Belfast Area High School, the staff instituted a “Student of the Month” program, beginning in April of 2011. This program will recognize a boy and a girl at each grade level based on teacher nominations, with subsequent voting by all staff.

The CORE Mission Statement of the school will provide the criteria for selection: a clear and effective communicator, a self-directed and life-long learner, a creative and practical problem solver, a responsible and involved citizen, a collaborative and quality worker, and an integrative and informative thinker.

The students will receive a t-shirt, a certificate of recognition, and enjoy a pizza luncheon with the principal. Additionally, each student will have his or her picture prominently displayed in the school lobby and on the school’s website.

October honorees are: 9th graders, Sarah James and Chase McIntire; 10th graders, Maddison Cummings and Evan Schweikert; 11th graders, Maria Swebilius and Owen Sterrs; and 12th graders, Abigail Wessels and Wes Sterrs.