Roughly an hour after workers finished clearing debris from a two-car accident scene at the junction of Route 1 and Congress Street in Belfast,  Thursday, Nov. 17, another collision involving three vehicles happened at the same intersection.

According to Belfast Police Officer Eric Kelley, Nelson Walker of Prospect was attempting to cross Route 1 traveling westbound on Congress Street when his Ford pickup collided with a Subaru Outback driven by Maureen O’Keefe of Northport, which had been traveling in the southbound lane of Route 1.

“Either she hit him or he hit her,” Kelley said, speaking at the scene.

Walker previously told Kelley that his view from Congress Street had been momentarily obscured by a school bus.

The collision caused one of the vehicles to crash into an Oldsmobile sedan driven by a Swanville woman, who had two passengers in the car. The Oldsmobile had been traveling eastbound on Lower Congress Street and was paused at the stop sign at the Route 1 crossing.

The vehicle was turned sideways by the impact.

Kelley said two people involved in the accident were taken by ambulance to Waldo County General Hospital with possible injuries.

Charles Pray of Pray’s Homes, located just west of the intersection, called in the accident and also the crash that happened several hours earlier.

Pray did not see either accident but heard both and said accidents at the intersection are not uncommon.

“It was pretty obvious what it was,” he said. “You hear the brakes, then you hear a crunch.”