A Belfast man was arrested in connection with an alleged sexual assault that was reported Friday, Nov. 11 by an 18-year-old woman who claimed that an unknown man had entered her residence and raped her.

Owen B. Allen, 41, of Belfast was arrested Saturday, Nov. 12 on charges of burglary and gross sexual assault following an investigation that was conducted by Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham, according to records at the Belfast Police Department.

Belfast Interim Police Chief Walter Corey said the woman was in her bathroom late Friday night when her alleged attacker made himself visible to her.

“She was standing in her bathroom and when she turned around he’s standing there, from what I understand,” said Corey.

Corey said the woman was home alone at a Marsh Road residence when the alleged attack occurred. Allen is also a Marsh Road resident, according to the arrest record on file at BPD.

The woman was examined at Waldo County General Hospital, but Corey said she was not seriously injured in the alleged attack.

Corey declined to reveal exactly how Allen is believed to have gained entry into the woman’s home, but stated, “the residence was known to him.”

Corey said Cunningham was able to link Allen to the crime through his investigation, which was launched as soon as the complaint came in to police Friday night.

“Bryan [Cunningham] did an excellent job on the case,” said Corey.

Cory said Cunningham continued looking into the matter until the early hours of Saturday morning, Nov. 12, and after going home for a couple hours of rest, he returned to work and wrapped up the investigation.

Corey said while the complainant was unfamiliar with her alleged attacker, she was able to pick Allen out of a photo line-up.

When Cunningham interviewed Allen, Corey said, Allen did not admit to committing the crimes.

“He said some things that led Bryan [Cunningham] to believe it was him,” said Corey.

Corey acknowledged that a sexual assault is widely considered one of the scariest things that could happen to a woman, and advised the public to take precautions to reduce the chances of something like this happening to their loved ones or becoming victims themselves.

Corey suggested keeping doors, windows and other access points locked, particularly at night or when not at home, and also making sure all outside lights are in working order. Motion detection lights are also useful in alerting home occupants that someone may be approaching the property, and Corey said having such lights on back entrances can also stop a potential crime from occurring.

“If someone sees that light come on, that may be enough of a deterrent,” said Corey.

Allen is scheduled to appear in Waldo County Superior Court in Belfast Thursday, Dec. 29.