The Busline League middle school boys and girls basketball seasons are in full swing with all but two squads across four large school divisions having played at least one game.

Among the winners in Monday’s contests included the Medomak Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade boys, the Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast seventh- and eighth-grade boys, the Medomak eighth-grade girls, the Troy Howard eighth-grade girls and the Camden-Rockport seventh-grade girls.

The large school standings through Nov. 22 include:

Eighth-grade boys — Medomak, 1-0; Oceanside Blue of Thomaston, 1-0; Troy Howard, 1-0; Wiscasset, 1-0; Searsport, 0-0; Boothbay, 0-1; Camden-Rockport, 0-1; Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, 0-1; and Oceanside White of Thomaston, 0-1.

Eighth-grade girls — Boothbay, 1-0; Medomak, 1-0; Oceanside Blue, 1-0; Troy Howard, 1-0; Searsport, 0-0; Camden-Rockport, 0-1; Great Salt Bay, 0-1; Oceanside White, 0-1; and Wiscasset, 0-1.

Seventh-grade boys — Medomak, 1-0; Rockland, 1-0; Troy Howard, 1-0; Wiscasset, 1-0; Boothbay, 0-1; Camden-Rockport, 0-1; Great Salt Bay, 0-1; and Thomaston, 0-1.

Seventh-grade girls — Boothbay, 1-0; Camden-Rockport, 1-0; Great Salt Bay, 1-0; Rockland, 1-0; Medomak, 0-1; Thomaston, 0-1; Troy Howard, 0-1; and Wiscasset, 0-1.

Coaches can report results by email to or by calling 594-4401.

The following is a recap of reported results from recent games:

Large school boys

Medomak 8th 57, Great Salt Bay 30 … At Damariscotta Nov. 21, the Riverhawks flew past the host Cougars by a convincing margin. MMS led 20-3, 26-12 and 38-22 at the quarter breaks.

Nick DePatsy led the Riverhawks with nine points, while Gavin Black added eight; Zach Starr, six; Daniel Bubar, five; Nick McAuliffe, Ethan Swan, Ollie Brown and Owen Gilbert, all four; Cortland Fischer, three; and Riley McCollett, Tucker Prescott, Sheldon Lavway and Jackson Vail, all two.

For GSB, Liam Brinker netted 17 points, while Luke Huntington added four; Nick Simmons, three; Chad Carter, two; and Riley Cushing and Austin Kaler, each one.

Troy Howard 8th 53, Camden-Rockport 37 … At Camden Nov. 21, the Lions roared into their first game of the season with a 16-point victory over the Schooners. THMS led 10-8, 23-17 and 37-22 at the breaks. The Lions netted 6-of-21 free throws (28 percent), while the Schooners were 1-of-4 (25 percent).

Rory Ambrose and Gage Corson each netted nine points for Troy Howard, while Jordan Bickford added eight; Billy Pantoja, seven; Drew Nealey and Zeke Ventura, both six; and Alex Flagg and Zach Darres, both four.

For the Schooners, Dalton Oakes and Nate Dunton each scored 12 points, while Declan Carlson added four; Field Leonard, three; and Cam Gushee, Jack Gallagher and Nick Rozsahegyi, all two.

Medomak 7th 48, Great Salt Bay 10 … At Damariscotta Nov. 21, the Riverhawks had little trouble with the host Cougars and picked up their first win of the season.

Jon Allard led the Riverhawks with eight points, while Taylor McLain added six; Laken Harrington, Kyle Donlin, Nick Grover, Cameron Allaire and Channing Soper, all four; Isaac Eutsler, Casey Libby, Adam Eutsler, Dan Jones, Zidanne McMurrin, Cale Gee, Patrick White and Cameron Martin, all two.

“High pressure defense and good transition offense led to the [Riverhawk] success, which saw each of the young men in the scoring column,” said MMS coach Pat Delahanty.

For GSB, Jon Pinkham added four points, while Keyden Leeman, Bradley Cross and Baker Gove each had two.

Troy Howard 7th 49, Camden-Rockport 37 … At Camden Nov. 21, the Lions outscored the hosts 16-5 in the second quarter and roared to a 12-point victory in their first game. The Schooners led 17-12 after the first quarter, while Troy Howard took a 28-22 lead at halftime and a 41-33 edge after three quarters.

Zane Bielenberg netted 14 points for Troy Howard, while Nolan Woods added nine; Stan Sturgis, Gerard Coward, Sam Goguen and Tyler MacLeod, all six; and Derrick Tyler, two.

For Camden-Rockport, Nate Raye netted 17 points, while Brandon DeBrosky added 16 and Seth Young, Joaquin DiGirolano and Gavin Boyd, each two.

Large school girls

Medomak 8th 45, Great Salt Bay 33 … At Waldoboro Nov. 21, the Riverhawks held off a late Cougar charge and picked up their first win of the year.

Ariel Haskins netted 16 points for MMS, while Justice Barrows added 10; Krista Hooper, six; Maggie Cox, four; Paige Mason, McKenzie Wing, Sophie Cohen and Kayleigh Curtis, all two; and Brianna Luce, one. Haskins and Barrows controlled the paint with 26 combined points and Hooper, Cohen and Luce combined for nine points, five assists and seven rebounds.

Information for GSB was not available.

“Both teams fought hard through the first quarter,” said MMS coach Matthew Norton. “In the second quarter the Riverhawks pulled ahead and stayed ahead going into the half. At the start of the third quarter the Riverhawks came on strong with fullcourt pressure and all-around tenacious [defense], turning every loose ball into an opportunity.”

Great Salt Bay 7th 38, Medomak 27 … At Waldoboro Nov. 21, the Cougars were outscored 10-3 in the final stanza, but held on to beat the host Riverhawks. Great Salt Bay led 13-2, 22-6 and 35-17 at the quarter breaks.

Victoria Wheaton scored 10 points for MMS, while Cassidy Taylor added nine; Nicole Obucho, four; and Maggie Ryan and Jasmine Packard, both two. Wheaton and Taylor combined for 13 points and several steals to spark the Riverhawks’ late second-half comeback. Alaina McMurrin and Amber Hagin “played solid defense as they forced numerous second-half turnovers,” said MMS coach Stacie Rytky-Smith

For GSB, Sophie Schumacher netted 12 points, while Brie Wajer added eight; Brianna Genthner, seven; Bailey Plourde, four; and Abby Nelson, Mary Reio and Nadia Smith, each two.

For GSB, Sohpie Schumacher scored 12 points, Brie Wajer had 8, Brianna Genther had 7, Bailey Plourde had 4, and Abby Nelson, Mary Reio and Nadia Smith each chipped in with 2 apiece.

Camden-Rockport 7th 33, Troy Howard 18 … At Belfast Nov. 21, the Schooners came away with a 15-point victory over the host Lions.

Charlotte Messer netted 14 points for the Schooners, while Julia Holt added eight; Mara Dostie, five; Rebekah Schade, four; Maddie Wickenden, two; and Olivia Berez, one.

For Troy Howard, Hannah Richards netted nine points, while Callie Cook added four; E. Mehuren and Mackenzie Barnhart, both two; and Kendra Martinez, both one.

“The girls showed a tremendous amount of patience in their fullcourt press by not picking up one foul while pressing,” CRMS coach Clairlynn Rountree.

Troy Howard 8th 44, Camden-Rockport 11 … At Belfast Nov. 21, the host Lions roared to the victory. Additional information was unavailable.

Small school girls

Richmond 83, Appleton 10 … At Richmond Nov. 21, the Wildcats could not keep up with the potent Bobcat offense and won by a convincing margin.

For the winners, Kalah Patterson poured in 24 points, while Camryn Harley added 13; Sydney Tilton, 12; Merando Martin, 10; Autumn Acord, eight; Kelsea Anair, Julie Plummer and Kyla Johanson, all four; and Cassidy Harriman and Jade Gammon, both two.

Victoria Anderson led the Wildcats with six points, while Payton Wiley and Kristen Kieran each added two.

Small school boys

St. George 58, Bristol 24 … At St. George Nov. 21, the host Dragons came away with a 34-point victory. Mitchell DelFrate led the hosts with 18 points; while Cadden Lavoie and Max Lombardo added 10; Zach Davis, nine; Kyle Waters, six; Daniel Harriman and Levi Post, both two; and Chase Flaherty, one.

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