Police say faulty brakes are to blame in an accident involving a passenger van that reportedly struck a public transportation bus on Route 1 Thursday morning, Dec. 8.

The two-car crash occurred late Thursday morning near Primrose Farm Antiques on Route 1, about a mile from the Stockton Springs town line.

Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye said 54-year-old Steven Bucklin of Searsport was headed west on Route 1 in a Waldo Community Action Partners bus and was following another vehicle. Amber Walker, 24, of Stockton Springs was traveling behind the bus in a 2001 Dodge Caravan.

LaHaye said when the vehicle ahead of Bucklin put on its brakes, Bucklin slowed down. Walker saw this action and stepped on her own brake pedal, at which time LaHaye said she heard a grinding noise and her vehicle’s brakes locked up.

Walker struck the rear of the Waldo CAP bus, totaling the van and causing $1,200 worth of damage to the rear bumper of the bus.

LaHaye said Bucklin was not hurt and there was no one on board the bus at the time of the accident. Walker was checked by Searsport Ambulance personnel and was released at the scene, LaHaye said. Walker was later summoned for failure to provide proof of insurance.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers around Waldo County kept busy with a series of minor accidents due to the overnight snowfall.

Deputy Jim Porter from the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office said he responded to early morning accidents in Prospect and Unity, but stated that neither accident resulted in injuries for the vehicle occupants or significant damage to the vehicles involved.

“It was mostly people going off the road,” said Porter.

Belfast Interim Police Chief Walter Corey said drivers had some difficulty around the city as well, with officers responding to three early morning accidents. All three crashes were deemed non-reportable, Corey said, and no one was injured.

Of the three accidents in Belfast, Corey said two occurred on Route 3 when drivers were unable to negotiate Hayford Hill.