The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Dec. 2 and Dec. 7:


Elizabeth C. Abbott to Elizabeth C. Abbott Living Trust


Stephen W. Brown and Ralph A. Huff to David K. Dixon and Janet M. Dixon

Royce E. Penney and Marie L. Penney to Kenneth E. Penney and Patsy L. Penney


Alfred L. and Carol E. Jones Revocable Trust to Philip S. Jordan and Joan A. Jordan

Gary W. Hussey to Robert C. Hussey


Lawson Billings to Lawson H. Billings Jr. Trust

John T. Hutzenlaub to Amy V. Dwyer


Mary Louise Connell Briggs to Bethmarie Briggs Gooding


Richard E. Ferguson, Kathleen H. Ferguson and Richard Ferguson to Nathan Dennison

Doreen A. Butteri to Lance M. Philbrook and Doreen A. Butteri

Leslie Ann Stager to Margaret L. Kassen


George E. Snow and Elizabeth E. Snow to Robert M. Kilgallen and Christine N. Kilgallen


Linsey B. Low to Shannon C. Smith and Christine M. Karbiwnyk

George E. Sprowl Sr. to Shannon Smith and Wesley Smith

Walter R. Ludwick to Blaze W. Ludwick and Buffy A. Ludwick


Ruby Clark to Douglas Dickey

Albert T. Savage to Shannon Clark


Scott A. Searles and Tori L. Searles to Karen K. Lindgren