Busline League middle school boys and girls basketball has been moving along at fevered pace in recent days throughout the Midcoast, with seventh- and eighth-grade action running rampant across both the small and large school divisions.

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The following is a recap of recently-report results:

Boys large school division

Oceanside White 8th 53, Camden-Rockport 26 … At Camden Dec. 12, the Mariners sailed past the host Schooners and prevailed by a convincing margin. Oceanside White led 20-7, 33-13 and 44-19 at the quarter breaks.

Keenan Hendricks netted 25 points for the Mariners, while Thomas Curtis added 10; Jake Bartlett, seven; Josh Luttrell and Griffin Lombardo, both six; and Nick Tucker, two.

For the Schooners, Field Leonard scored eight points, while Nick Rozahegyi added six; Jack Gallagher, four; Nick Denny and Cam Gushee, both three; and Nathan Dunton, two.

Camden-Rockport 7th 61, Rockland 27 … At Camden Dec. 12, the Schooners had little trouble navigating past the visiting Eagles. CRMS led 16-6, 36-14 and 53-16 at the quarter breaks.

Nate Raye tallied 14 points to lead the Schooners, while Brandon DeBrosky and Seth Young each added eight; Gavin Boyd, Elvis Bowen and Isaac Hall, all six; Gage Modery, four; Thomas Libby and Joaquin DiGirolamo, Colby Arau, Matt Morse, Alaric Beal, Bradley Spear and Ryan Shield, all two.

The names of the scorers for Rockland were unavailable.

Oceanside Blue 8th 57, Boothbay 34 … At Boothbay Dec. 12, the Mariners came away with a 23-point triumph over the host Wildcats.

Nick Mazurek poured in 31 points for Oceanside Blue, while Riley Sprague added 16; Andrew King, seven; Christian Straka, two; and Dylan Gray, one.

For Boothbay, Abel Bryer netted 16 points, while Daniel Drummond and Matt Burnham each added six; Morgan Wilson, four; and Xavier Dowling, two.

Troy Howard 7th 52, Camden-Rockport 37 … At Camden Dec. 9, the Lions roared to a 15-point win over the host Schooners. Troy Howard led 11-4, 19-4 and 36-27 at the quarter breaks.

Gerard Coward scored nine points to lead the Lions, while Zane Bielenberg added eight; Nolan Woods, Sam Goguen and Tyler Macleod, all six; Ricky Smith, five; Tyler Bartlett, three; and Stan Sturgis, Derrick Tyler, Devin Jackson, Zach Dyer and Tristan Roberts, all two.

For the Schooners, Raye netted 18 points, while DeBrosky added nine; Bowen, three; Libby, Morse and Modery, all two; and Boyd, one.

Girls large school division

Troy Howard 7th 38, Wiscasset 8 … At Wiscasset Dec. 12, the Lions earned their first win of the campaign, after leading 8-2, 28-2 and 34-2 at the quarter breaks.

Keying THMS offensively were Rainey Knowlton, Hannah Richards and Kallee Cook all with 10 points and Rae Luther and Macy Gale both four.

The names of the Wiscasset players were unavailable, although four different athletes scored two points each.

Rockland 7th 27, Boothbay 24 … At Thomaston Dec. 12, the Eagles held on and picked up a three-point victory over the visiting Wildcats. Rockland led 8-3, 12-9 and 16-15 at the quarter breaks.

Alexis Mazurek netted 11 points for the Eagles, while Olivia Staples and Brianna White-Ortiz each added six; and Sydney Hall, four. Additionally, “Emily Hutchinson, Julia Barbour and Shannon Ripley contributed with hard defense off the bench,” said Rockland coach Dan McNichol.

For Boothbay, A. Markee netted seven points, while A. Perkins added six; A. Welch, four; C. O’Brien, M. Clarke, M. Abbott and K. Friant, all two.

Oceanside White 8th 47, Camden-Rockport 32 … At Camden Dec. 12, the Mariners were held scoreless in the second quarter, but managed to hold back the Schooners and prevailed by 15 points. Oceanside White led 19-7, 19-12 and 33-18 at the quarter breaks.

Ari Curtis scored 14 points for the visitors, while Becca Boggs added 13; Bri Dugan, 10; Rachel Philbrook, eight; and Mariah Harris, two.

For the Schooners, Maddie Bowman scored 16 points, while Avery Roy added six; and Kayloni Hall and Lydia Hill, both four.

The Mariners were 1-of-7 (14 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Schooners were 6-of-14 (43 percent).

Thomaston 7th 44, Camden-Rockport 7th 40 … At Thomaston Dec. 12, the host Clippers held on for a four-point win over the visiting Schooners.

For Thomaston, which made 6-of-12 foul shots (50 percent), Jaymie McMahon netted 14 points; Elise Laslavic, 11; Lauren Hatch, six; Jillian Brooks, four; Rachelle Thompson, three; and Cassie Butler, two.

Charlotte Messer tossed in 18 points for the winners, while Mara Dostie added seven; Rebecca Schade, five; Julia Holt, four; and Haley Simmons, Maddie Wickenden and Olivia Berez, all two. The Schooners netted 2-of-7 free throws (28 percent).

Camden-Rockport 7th 47, Troy Howard 31 … On Dec. 9, the Schooners came away with a 16-point win over the Lions. CRMS led 12-1, 25-10 and 37-23 at the quarter breaks.

Mara Dostie led the Schooners with 19 points, while Charlotte Messer added 16; Haley Simmons, six; Julia Holt, four; and Maddie Wickenden, two.

For Troy Howard, Kallee Cook netted 12 points, while Hannah Richards added seven and Karlee Parker and Rainey Knowlton, both six.

The Schooners were 1-of-3 (33 percent) from the foul line and the Lions 3-of-7 (43 percent).

Oceanside White 8th 51, Wiscasset 30 … At Thomaston Dec. 9, the Mariners held the visiting Warriors at bay and picked up a convincing victory. Oceanside White led 14-7, 27-13 and 39-26 at the quarter breaks.

Ari Curtis and Becca Boggs each netted 14 points, while Bri Dugan added 12; Charlotte Strong-Ames, four; Mariah Harris, three; and Clara Feltus and Rachel Philbrook, both two.

Full names for Wiscasset players were unavailable.

The Mariners netted 5-of-13 free throws (38 percent), while the Warriors were 8-of-16 (50 percent).

Medomak 8th 42, Searsport 31 … At Searsport Dec. 10, the first half featured a tight match between the two squads with the lead bouncing back and forth. At the end of the first half Searsport led by two points, while the third and fourth quarters belonged to the visiting Riverhawks.

Scoring for Medomak were Ariel Haskins with 11 points; Sophie Cohen, nine; Maggie Cox and Justice Barrows, both eight; Brooke Creamer, five; and Mckenzie Wing, one.

For Searsport, Mel Ogden tallied 14 points; Anna Bucklin and Kaitlyn Shute, both six; Korigen Coffin and Sadie Nickerson, both two; and Nicole Hall, one.

Boys small school division

St. George 85, Lincolnville 39 … At Lincolnville Dec. 12, the visiting Dragons did not let off the gas pedal all day and cruised to a convincing win over the host Lynx. St. George led 22-8, 40-20 and 62-28 at the quarter breaks.

Cadden Lavoie poured in 29 points for St. George, while Mitchell Delfrate added 20; Zach Davis, 10; Max Lombardo, nine; Daniel Harriman, seven; Kyle Waters, six; and Levi Post, four.

For Lincolnville, Peyton Young netted 15 points, while Morgan Mercier added 13; Avery Grindle, five; Alex Copeland, four; and Kyle Wood, two.

The Dragons were 3-of-9 (33 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Lynx were 2-of-9 (22 percent).

Hope 45, Jefferson 17 … At Jefferson Dec. 12, the visiting Hawks soared over the host Chargers and prevailed by 18 points. Hope led 9-0, 28-9 and 37-9 at the quarter breaks. Additional information was unavailable.

Vinalhaven 52, Lincolnville 32 … At Lincolnville Dec. 9, the Vikings jumped to an insurmountable 21-0 first-quarter lead and prevailed by 20 points over the host Lynx. Vinalhaven led 21-0, 33-7 and 40-21 at the quarter breaks.

Cody Hamilton led Vinalhaven with eight points, while Lewis Cray and Cole Mills added seven; Liam Thomas, six; Ian Dyer, Jason Moody, Trevor Farvelly and Chase Wadleigh, all four; and Sebastian Marriner, both two.

For Lincolnville, Copeland netted 10 points, while Young added nine; Grindle, seven; Mercier, four; and Wood, two.

Lincolnville converted 3-of-4 (75 percent) from the charity stripe and Vinalhaven 3-of-6 (50 percent).

Islesboro 52, Lincolnville 41 … At Lincolnville Dec. 7, the Eagles took a first-quarter lead and held off the Lynx en route to an 11-point win. Islesboro led 20-9, 32-17 and 42-31 at the quarter breaks.

Forrest Boucher dumped in 25 points for the Eagles, while John Gotham added 12; Jake Pelligrino, eight; Devin Small and Fin Conte, both two; and Chris Rafter, one.

Mercier netted 18 points for the Lynx, while Young added 10; Grindle, six; Alex Copeland, four; Nicholas Winter, two; and Sam Novak, one.

The Lynx were 7-of-11 (63 percent) from the foul line, while the Eagles were 2-of-12 (17 percent).

Girls small school division

Lincolnville 34, St. George 30 … At Lincolnville Dec. 12, the Lynx battled back after trailing in the first half, coming from behind to earn the four-point victory. St. George led 12-6 after the first quarter and 19-15 at halftime, while Lincolnville took a 27-25 lead after three quarters.

Katia Kordek scored 10 points to lead the Lynx, while Emma McGurren and Brooke Benson each added six; Elizabeth Cummons, five; Mya Wiley, four; and Emily Morse, two.

For the Dragons, Kaylee McCorrison netted 10 points, while Kelsea Boynton added eight; Sierra Beal, five; Haley Montgomery, three; and Kaylie Lee and Sadie Thompson, both two.

St. George took 6-of-14 (43 percent) from the foul line and Lincolnville 3-of-8 (37 percent).

Jefferson 59, Hope 42 … At Jefferson Dec. 12, the Chargers picked up a 17-point win over the visiting Hawks. Jefferson led 30-22 at halftime.

Laticia Billings netted 12 points for Hope, while Kira Barley added 10; Kelsie Merrill, eight; Nicole Brown, six; and Erica Durkee and Rebecca Agnor, both two.

Additional information for Jefferson was unavailable.

Lincolnville 37, Vinalhaven 29 … At Lincolnville Dec. 9, the Lynx outscored the visiting Vikings in the second half en route to an eight-point victory. Vinalhaven led 11-6 after the first quarter, while Lincolnville took a 16-15 lead at halftime and a 22-19 lead after three quarters.

Katia Kordek netted 14 points for Lincolnville, while Elizabeth Cummons added eight; Emma McGurren, Mya Wiley and Brooke Benson, all four; Keira Hayes, two; and Tora Decker-Griffith, one.

For the islanders, Bailey Wadleigh netted eight points, while Andrea Shane added six; Sarah Jones, five; Jazmine Arey, four; and Zoey Warren, Hannah Ames and Bri Bartlett, all two.

Lincolnville netted 1-of-4 (25 percent) from the foul line and Vinalhaven 0-of-6.

Lincolnville 29, Islesboro 19 … At Lincolnville Dec. 7, the Lynx grounded the visiting Eagles and prevailed by 10 points. The teams were knotted 4-4 after the first quarter, while the Lynx took a 14-8 lead at halftime and extended their advantage to 24-15 after three quarters.

Elizabeth Cummons scored 10 points for Lincolnville, while Brooke Benson added six; Mya Wiley and Emily Morse, both three; Emma McGurren, Tora Decker-Griffith and Katia Kordek, all two; and Eavan Sibole-Little, one.

For Islesboro, Kathryn Snyder netted 15 points, while Kayla Pendleton added six.

Lincolnville netted 1-of-6 (17 percent) from the charity stripe, while Islesboro converted 1-of-8 (12 percent).

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