A handful of games were on the docket Wednesday for Busline League middle school boys and girls basketball, with Oceanside, Camden-Rockport, Medomak and Troy Howard all in large school division action.

League standings through Dec. 14 were:

Eighth-grade boys — Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro, 6-0; Wiscasset Middle School, 5-1; Oceanside Blue Middle School of Thomaston/Rockland, 5-1; Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast, 3-3; Boothbay Region Elementary School, 3-3; Oceanside White Middle School of Thomaston/Rockland, 3-3; Camden-Rockport Middle School, 2-5; Searsport District Middle School, 1-5; and Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, 0-7.

Seventh-grade boys — Medomak, 5-0; Boothbay, 4-1; Wiscasset, 4-2; Troy Howard, 3-2; Camden-Rockport, 3-3; Rockland District Middle School, 2-4; Thomaston Grammar School, 1-4; and Great Salt Bay, 0-6.

Eighth-grade girls — Oceanside Blue, 6-0; Medomak, 5-1; Troy Howard, 4-2; Boothbay, 4-2; Searsport, 3-3; Oceanside White, 3-3; Great Salt Bay, 2-5; Camden-Rockport, 1-6; and Wiscasset, 0-6.

Seventh-grade girls — Great Salt Bay, 6-0; Rockland, 5-1; Thomaston, 3-2; Boothbay, 3-2; Medomak, 2-3; Camden-Rockport, 2-4; Troy Howard, 1-4; and Wiscasset, 0-6.

The following is a recap of recent-reported results:


Medomak 8th 45, Troy Howard 42 … At Belfast Dec. 14, the Riverhawks held off the host Lions and stayed unbeaten on the season. Troy Howard led 9-8 after the first quarter, but Medomak grabbed a 19-18 lead at halftime and a 28-25 edge after three quarters.

Nick DePatsy dumped in 19 points to lead the ‘Hawks, while Jackson Vail added nine; Zach Starr, six; Ollie Brown, five; Sheldon Lavway, four; and Owen Gilbert, two.

For Troy Howard, Jordan Bickford tossed in 12 points, while Drew Nealey added 10; Gage Corson, six; Zeke Ventura, five; Alex Flagg and Zach Darres, both three; A. Fritz, two; and C. Brown, one.

Medomak 7th 42, Troy Howard 17 … At Belfast Dec. 14, the Riverhawks outscored the hosts 12-1 in the third quarter and pulled away, staying unbeaten on the year. MMS led 12-9, 24-11 and 36-12 at the quarter breaks. Medomak coach Pat Delahanty said that in the third quarter the Riverhawks went “to their bench early and often and were fortunate to extend their lead against a quality opponent.”

Jon Allard tallied 13 points to lead MMS, while Nick Grover added eight; Cale Gee and Cam Allaire, both six; Taylor McLain, four; Patrick White, three; and Laken Harrington, two.

For Troy Howard, Stan Sturgis netted four points, while Sam Goguen added three and Derrick Tyler, Skyler Perkins, Zach Dyer and Nolan Woods, all two.

Camden-Rockport 7th 49, Rockland 43 … At Thomaston Dec. 14, the Schooners sailed to their third win of the season over the host Eagles. RDMS led 9-8 after the first quarter, while CRMS took a 20-16 halftime edge and a 35-27 advantage after three quarters.

Nate Raye netted 16 points for CRMS, while Brandon DeBrosky added 13; Seth Young, 10; Gavin Boyd, five; Elvis Bowen, three; and Ryan Shield, two.

For Rockland, Sam Atwood netted 14 points, while Jackson Arnsdorf added 10; Robinson, nine; Anthony Marsh and David Kurr, both four; and Tucker Grindle, two.

Oceanside Blue 8th 59, Camden-Rockport 48 … At Thomaston Dec. 14, the Mariners notched their fifth win of the year with an 11-point triumph over the Schooners. Oceanside Blue led 17-9, 31-24 and 46-35 at the quarter breaks.

Nick Mazurek netted 22 points for the Mariners, while Riley Sprague added 16; Christian Straka, 13; and Andrew King eight.

For the Schooners, Jack Gallagher tallied 20 points, while Field Leonard added 13; Nick Rozahegyi and Cam Gushee, both six; and Dalton Oakes, three.


Rockland 7th 31, Camden-Rockport 28 … At Camden Dec. 14, the Eagles held off a late Schooner surge and prevailed by three points. RDMS led 10-8, 19-13 and 24-17 at the quarter breaks.

Olivia Staples netted 11 points to lead the Eagles, while Alexis Mazurek added nine; Brianna White-Ortiz, six; Sydney Hall, four; and Morgan Williams, one.

For the Schooners, Mara Dostie compiled 10 points, while Julia Holt added 10; Charlotte Messer, five; Rebekah Schade, four; and Olivia Berez, two.

The Eagles were 3-of-6 (50 percent) from the foul line and the Schooners 7-of-14 (50 percent).

Medomak 7th 50, Troy Howard 22 … At Waldoboro Dec. 14, the Riverhawks built a 20-point first-quarter lead and cruised to a convincing win over the Lions. MMS led 22-2, 26-9 and 38-18 at the quarter breaks.

Nicole Obuchon and Cassidy Taylor each netted eight points for the ‘Hawks, while Kelsey Grant, Victoria Wheaton, Jasmine Packard and Amber Hagin each added six; Chelsea Ripley and Kayla Tessio, both four; and Nicki Taylor, two.

For Troy Howard, Rayahna Luther netted six points, while Hannah Richards and Kallee Cook each added five; and E. Mehuren, Rainey Knowlton and Defeo, added two.

Medomak 8th 38, Troy Howard 26 … At Waldoboro Dec. 14, the Riverhawks picked up their fifth win in six games, this time over the visiting Lions. The Riverhawks led by three points at halftime, while the third quarter saw the hosts force a handful of steals, which resulted in breakaway layups, according to MMS coach Matthew Norton.

Justice Barrows netted 18 points for the ‘Hawks, while Maggie Cox added 12; Miranda Belcher, Emylee Leary and Brooke Creamer, all two; and Ariel Haskins and Alyson Taylor, both one.

For Troy Howard, Mariah Sturgis tallied six points, while Kelci Faulkingham, Lydia Violette and Anna Simmons each added four; Breann Cummings, three; Kasey MacLeod and Alexis Racioppi, both two; and Kennadee Baker, one.

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