A Belfast man with a known penchant for ballistics apparently underestimated what would happen when he shot a quantity of exploding targets in a pit on Route 52 in Belfast Wednesday night, Dec. 21.

The explosion, reported shortly after 7 p.m., did not cause any injuries but left many residents wondering what had happened.

Waldo County Regional Communications Center logged 18 calls related to the explosion. According to Belfast Police Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham, the calls came from as far away as Station Avenue in Searsport. Residents in other communities, including Northport and Stockton Springs, also reported hearing the boom.

Cunningham said the man, who is known to police, subsequently called the department to apologize and explain what had happened.

“He does a lot of shooting and he has some cannons, and often he’ll call us ahead of time,” Cunningham said. “But this time he didn’t.”

Cunningham said the exploding targets, made by Tannerite, are legal and that the volume of the explosion was caused by the man shooting a large quantity of the substance.

The man was warned for disorderly conduct, according to Cunningham.