Irene L. Hahn of Campton, N.H., who was born and grew up in Belfast as Irene Wood, daughter of the late Francis and Vera Wood, has published a Christmas play and a children’s book.

The play, “The Bible Path To The  Manger,” was published in May by, the world’s largest publisher of plays). The book, “Jacob and Jenny Visit The Zoo,” was  published in October by Bookstand Publishers of California.

In Hahn’s book, twins Jacob and Jenny and their parents visit the zoo and learn many fascinating facts about two dozen animals such as lions, tigers, jaguars and some strange  animals including the mongoose, armadillo and aye-aye. Many hours of research went into the preparation for the book; the fun part is that it  is the animals themselves who speak to share these facts in answer to questions from the twins and their parents.

Both the play and the book can be ordered online or through any bookstore. They also are available for purchase directly from the author: write to Irene L. Hahn, 4 Stetson Drive, Campton, N.H. 03223.

Hahn lives out in the country surrounded by woods in the White Mountains. She and her husband Ray are very active in various kinds of ministries.

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