The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Dec. 16 and Dec. 22:


Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company, Matthew J. Philbrook and Rachel E. Philbrook to Francina R. White and Geneva M. Lessard

Brenda L. Knight Ahlberg and H. David Ahlberg to Ahlberg Irrevocable Real Estate Trust

Karen Ronnlund Inc. to John Pincince and Lucy Pincince


Marian E. Bailey to C P I LLC

Walter E. Harding to Bessey Development Company


Neil J. Michaud Estate to Richard J. Kersbergen and Linda E. Kersbergen

Kylie A. Manson to Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union


Charles E. & Alice S. Carlston Revocable Trust to Neil McPhee and Joanna Gail McPhee


Merrifield Realty Trust to Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine


Nile Albright, Nile L. Albright, Nile Ludlow Albright, Lee Albright, Martina Lee Albright and Martina L. Albright to Lars L. Albright, Tara L. Albright and Martina B. Albright

Lisa J. Druary to J. William Druary Jr.


Kathryn A. Piotti to Bradley J. Hennemuth and Trudi M. Hennemuth

Tanglewood Forest Subdivision LLC and Paul C. Crowley to Bradley J. Hennemuth and Trudi M. Hennemuth

Christopher J. Lynch and Dolores Lynch to Carolyn Beardsley MacDonough Trust

John H. Nickerson to John H. Nickerson and Sheila J. Nickerson

Eric Couto to Martin J. Ferrick and Laura Avila

Charles P. Whitlock to Bartley R. Carhart and Mary Lou Carhart


Norman Kirby and April Kirby to Joseph Hudak and Sarah Hudak

Town of Montville to Kay L. Noyes


GMAC Mortgage LLC, Mark Stahl and Andrea Stahl to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Gregory L. Damon to Angela M. Robishaw


Christopher T. Pease and Lisa D. Pease to Jeffrey M. Scott Jr.

Herta Lutz Estate to Peter R. Anderson and Yvonne Sharon Anderson

Peter R. Anderson and Yvonne Sharon Anderson to Christopher T. Pease and Lisa D. Pease


Dennis W. Merry to Eric C. Lounder and Ruth I. Lounder


Maine Properties LLC to Olver Associates Inc.

Joel Ploszaj to Mark Seigenthaler


Dale R. Rowley and Sharon A. L. Rowley to Trott Forest Products Inc.


David A. Maynard and Rita T. Maynard to David A. Maynard 1996 Revocable Trust


Elizabeth Dumais and Thomas Dumais to Matthew T. Cassidy and Jenifer L. Cassidy