Students in Kate Chapin’s first-grade class hosted an art show Tuesday morning, Dec. 20, and the subjects of the works on display all had one thing in common — the love of a child.

The toy art show, which attracted parents, grandparents, fellow Nickerson students and school staff, closed out an art and writing project that the first-grade class had completed during the previous week. The event was held in the school library, where each young artist was encouraged to tell visitors all about the playthings that inspired their artwork.

Each child stood beneath the watercolor paintings they had created of their favorite toys. The displays also included brief write-ups about each child’s chosen subject, offering information including the toys’ names (if applicable), how long the children have had their toys and where the toy came from. Some were Christmas or birthday gifts, while others were entrusted to the children by older relatives.

That was the case with Puddles, a stuffed dog that is the prized possession of Harley Sniger.

“I got Puddles when I was 3 years old. Puddles was my brother Ben’s toy and Ben gave him to me!” said Sniger of how she came to be Puddles’ owner. “I took him and we have been best friends ever since.”

Sniger explained that Puddles is special to her because, “I sleep with him every night and he keeps me safe.”

Other stuffed animals included a bright green amphibian named Froggy Fella, a fuzzy baby penguin named Shiny and a horse called Roady. Dolls were also a popular pick, while Barbie’s bright pink car was on display as part of Jillian Hashey’s presentation.

“This toy is special to me because I like driving my Barbie in it,” stated Hashey, whose display also included her Barbie doll.