At age 13, Bryan Tweedie has proven to have a skilled hand and mind for hunting. The Mount View Middle School eighth-grader has brought home not one, but six kills in less than a year.

On Feb. 10, Tweedie bagged a 21-pound bobcat in Thorndike. Tweedie was hunting with Steven Cole of Spruce Mountain Lodge and his hound.

Tweedie’s largest, in terms of animal, hunting success came in the form of a 756-pound bull moose on Sept. 30. The youngster was in Topsfield, again with Cole, and this time Tweedie’s father, Barry, was present.

Heading out again with his father and Cole, Tweedie bagged a 218-pound bear. The trio was hunting in Forest Township Oct. 1.

Tweedie again proved skillful at hunting in Unity on Oct. 19. While hunting with his uncle, Allen, and cousin, Dereck Jones, on Dereck’s farm, Tweedie shot a 16-pound hen turkey.

In Thorndike, again hunting with his father, Tweedie tagged an 80-pound button buck on family land Oct. 29.

His most recent hunting success came on Nov. 12, when Tweedie shot a 22-pound racoon in Leeds. He was hunting with his father and guide Pete Stratton.

Tweedie is the son of Valarie and Barry Tweedie of Thorndike.

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