The Busline League middle school large school single-elimination basketball playoffs are underway and will continue through the weekend, with eight lucky, and talented, teams advancing to championship Saturday, Jan. 14 at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast.

The quarterfinals concluded Monday, Jan. 9 and cut the playoff field in half, with the semifinals set for Wednesday, Jan. 11, or Thursday, Jan. 12.

Championship Saturday will begin with the seventh-grade girls at 10 a.m., followed by the eighth-grade girls at noon, the seventh-grade boys at 2 p.m. and the eighth-grade boys at 4 p.m.

Quarterfinal playoff results, most from Jan. 9, included:

Eighth-grade boys — No. 1 Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro (11-0) beat No. 8 Camden-Rockport Middle School (3-9), No. 2 Oceanside Blue of Thomaston/Rockland (9-2) bested No. 7 Searsport District Middle School (2-9), No. 3 Wiscasset Middle School (9-2) downed No. 6 Boothbay Region Elementary School (4-7) and No. 4 Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast (7-4) beat No. 5 Oceanside White of Thomaston/Rockland (5-6).

Seventh-grade boys — No. 1 Medomak (10-0) defeated No. 8 Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta (1-10), No. 2 Troy Howard (8-2) bested No. 7 Thomaston Grammar School (1-9), No. 3 Wiscasset (8-2) defeated No. 6 Rockland District Middle School (3-7) and No. 4 Boothbay (7-3) upended No. 5 Camden-Rockport (3-7).

Eighth-grade girls — No. 1 Medomak (10-1) defeated No. 8 Camden-Rockport (2-10), No. 2 Oceanside Blue (10-1) bested No. 7 Great Salt Bay (3-8), No. 3 Troy Howard (9-2) beat No. 6 Oceanside White (3-8) and No. 5 Searsport (6-5) upended No. 4 Boothbay (6-5).

Seventh-grade girls — No. 1 Great Salt Bay (10-0) defeated No. 8 Wiscasset (1-10), No. 2 Rockland (9-1) beat No. 7 Troy Howard (1-9), No. 3 Thomaston (7-3) bested No. 6 Medomak (2-8) and No. 5 Camden-Rockport (6-4) beat No. 4 Boothbay (5-5).

Semifinal matchups will, with most scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 11, include:

Eighth-grade boys — No. 4 Troy Howard at No. 1 Medomak, 6:30 p.m.; and No. 3 Wiscasset at No. 2 Oceanside Blue, 3:45 p.m.

Seventh-grade boys — No. 4 Boothbay at No. 1 Medomak, 3:30 p.m.; and No. 3 Wiscasset at No. 2 Troy Howard.

Eighth-grade girls — No. 5 Searsport at No. 1 Medomak, 5 p.m.; and No. 3 Troy Howard at No. 2 Oceanside Blue, 5:15 p.m.

Seventh-grade girls — No. 5 Camden-Rockport at No. 1 Great Salt Bay; and No. 3 Thomaston at No. 2 Rockland, 3:45 p.m. (RDMS).

The following is a recap of reported results from Jan. 9 playoff games:


Medomak 7th 52, Great Salt Bay 13 … At Waldoboro Jan. 9, the Riverhawks coasted into the semifinals with a victory over the Cougars. MMS led 22-5, 42-9 and 52-13 at the quarter breaks.

Jon Allard and Cam Allaire each netted 12 points to lead the ‘Hawks, while Adam Eutsler, Cale Gee and Patrick White each added six; Zidane McMurrin and Taylor McLain, both four; and Laken Harrington, Zach Boweres, Kyle Donlin, Dan Jones, Nick Grover, Cam Martin,and Channing Soper, all two.

For GSB, John Pinkham netted six points, while Keyden Leeman added four and Nate Olson three.

Medomak 8th 65, Camden-Rockport 33 … At Waldoboro Jan. 9, the Riverhawks had little trouble with the Schooners and cruised to the semifinals. MMS led 20-6, 30-12 and 52-21 at the quarter breaks.

Zach Starr tossed in 15 points for the winners, while Nick DePatsy added 11; Riley McCollett, eight; Ollie Brown, six; Jackson Vail and Sheldon Lavway, both five; Dylan Smith, three; and Nick McAuliffe, Ethan Swan, Tucker Prescott, Cortland Fischer, Robert Cole and Owen Gilbert, all two.

For Camden-Rockport, Jack Gallagher netted 12 points, while Cam Gushee added eight; Nick Rozahegyi, six; Dalton Oakes, five; and Field Leonard, two.

Troy Howard 7th 51, Thomaston 15 … At Belfast Jan. 9, the Lions roared past the visiting Clippers and moved on to the semifinals. Troy Howard led 19-3, 31-11 and 40-13 at the quarter breaks.

Sam Goguen netted 12 points for the winners, while Zane Bielenberg added seven; Stan Sturgis and Gerard Coward, both six; Dakota Doolan, four; Tristan Roberts, three; Ricky Smith, Derrick Tyler, Skylar Perkins, Zach Dyer, Nolan Woods and Tyler MacLeod, all two; and Tyler Bartlett, one.

For TGS, Coby Dorr tallied five points, while Zack Robinson and Noah Freeman each added four and K.C. Stone two.


Medomak 8th 51, Camden-Rockport 21 … At Waldoboro Jan. 9, the host Riverhawks slowly pulled away from the visiting Schooners en route to a lopsided win. The hosts led 8-7 and 22-14 at the first two quarter breaks.

Scoring for MMS were Brooke Creamer with 11 points; Ariel Haskins, eight; Justice Barrows, seven; Sophie Cohen, six; Maggie Cox, five; Brianna Luce and Krista Hooper, both four; Kayleigh Curtis, three; Paige Mason, two; and McKenzie Wing, one.

Scoring for CRMS were Taylor Peasley and Maddie Bowman both with five points;  Abigail Matlack, three; and Audrey Lane, Hilary Merrifield, Avery Roy and Lydia Hill, all two.

Riverhawk coach Matt Norton said CRMS came out strong. “They outhustled Medomak on both offense and defense, getting steals and several second-chance points off of offensive rebounds.”

The second quarter favored MMS as the hosts used pressure defense to grab an eight-point halftime cushion. The third quarter displayed the Riverhawks’ depth with six players adding to the score. “Paige Mason and Kayleigh Curtis did a good job of cutting through the zone [defense] and converting on their drives,” coach Norton said.

Norton praised the CRMS players and coach Will Aldrich. “As a young coach I’ve learned a lot from teams like [CRMS] and coaches like coach Aldrich. In last night’s game I made some coaching mistakes that I was fortunate enough to learn from because of helpful correction from coach Aldrich and Medomak Middle School athletic director Matt Lash. I have been blessed this season with so many opportunities to better learn the game of basketball from men and women who really know the game of basketball well.”

Camden-Rockport 7th 42, Boothbay 18 … At Boothbay Jan. 9, the Schooners pulled the mild upset over the higher-ranked Wildcats and sailed into the next round of the playoffs. CRMS led 9-2, 19-7 and 33-16 at the quarter breaks.

Charlotte Messer poured in 22 points for the Schooners, while Mara Dostie added 14 and Haley Simmons, Rebekah Schade and Mallory Caron, all two.

For Boothbay, Alexis Welch netted six points, while Cagney O’Brien added four; Nicole Clarke and McKenzie Abbott, both two; and Colette Bertin and Aryn Markee, each one.

The Schooners shot 28 percent from the foul line and the Wildcats 50 percent.

Rockland 7th 39, Troy Howard 8 … At Rockland Jan. 9, the Eagles soared into the semifinals, taming the Lions by 31 points. RDMS led 11-0, 24-4 and 32-7 at the quarter breaks.

Alexis Mazurek and Sydney Hall each scored 10 points for the winning Eagles, while Julia Barbour added five; Jenna Conant, four; and Brianna White-Ortiz, Abby Foster, Aiden Giasson, Kristen Penney and Emily Hutchinson, all two. RDMS coach Dan McNichol said Barbour secured several rebounds and played solid defense to aid to the win for the hosts.

For Troy Howard, Rayahna Luther netted three points, while Hannah Richards and Emma Mehuren two and Callie Cook one.

RDMS made 3-of-8 foul shots (38 percent), while Troy Howard converted 6-of-23 (26 percent).

Thomaston 7th 47, Medomak 22 … At Thomaston Jan. 9, the Clippers distanced themselves from the Riverhawks in the third quarter and moved on to the next round with a 25-point win over the visitors. TGS led 7-4, 18-10 and 34-18 at the quarter breaks.

Kelsey Brooks netted 13 points for TGS, while Elsie Loslivic added 10; Jaymie McMahon, nine; Rachelle Thompson, seven; Jillian Brooks, four; and Casey Benner and Lauren Hatch, both two.

For Medomak, Chelsea Ripley and Maggie Ryan each netted six points, while Kelsey Grant added four; and Nicole Obuchon, Victoria Wheaton and Amber Hagin, all two.

Troy Howard 8th 47, Oceanside White 38 … At Belfast Jan. 9, the host Lions distanced themselves from the Mariners in a high-scoring fourth quarter and earned a berth in the semifinal round. The score was tied 8-8 after the first quarter, while Troy Howard took a 20-14 lead at halftime and led 25-25 after three quarters.

Mariah Sturgis poured in 27 points to pace the Lions, while Alexis Racioppi added six; Kennadee Baker and Lydia Violette, both five; Hannah Nichols, four; and Kasey MacLeod, two.

For the Mariners, Ari Curtis tossed in 22 points, while Becca Boggs added 11; Bri Dugan, three; and Charlotte Strong-Ames, two.

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