Staff at the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Agency began moving into the new building on Public Safety Way Jan. 13, and by the morning of Jan. 17, it was evident that all were still getting used to the new digs.

But no one seemed to mind.

The change couldn’t have come soon enough for Sheriff Scott Story, who was all smiles in his spacious new office.

Story said he was happy to have most of the equipment from the old sheriff’s building moved over to the new space, but now the challenge is finding homes for furnishings and getting office equipment hooked up properly.

“Now the real work begins,” said the sheriff.

County Technology Consultant Jim Arseneau was on the move throughout the building Tuesday, working with county staff to get phones and computers ready for use in time for the building’s first official day of operation Wednesday, Jan. 18.

Administrative Assistant Kathy Cunningham took VillageSoup on a tour of the facility, which boasts a large patrol office and separate offices for the sergeants and detectives, dedicated space for the sheriff’s, chief deputy’s and lieutenant’s offices, men’s and women’s locker rooms and bathrooms and an evidence room that is about four times the size of the one used in the former building.

Another open room a short distance away from the glassed-in reception area, where Cunningham and fellow Administrative Assistant Brenda Dakin will greet the public, is to be set up as a fully-equipped gym. Further down a long corridor is the new home of the county emergency management office, which was formerly located in a cramped space in the basement of the old jail.

Detective Merl Reed and his K-9 partner Neva were making themselves at home in the detectives office, where Reed will work alongside WCSO Detective Jason Bosco.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Reed of his new work environment. “It’s nice, there’s a lot more room here.”

Reed said he and his coworkers are settled in for the most part, but as is the case when a family moves from one home to another, there are a still a few more items to retrieve from the old space before the transition feels complete.

“You always have to go back for some stuff,” said the detective.