Police have arrested a second man in connection with a burglary at a Fahey Street residence that was cut short when a man who was using the basement of the home showed up unexpectedly Feb. 2.

Douglas Noble, 22, of Belfast was arrested a day later on charges of burglary, theft by receiving stolen property, possession of burglar’s tools and attempted theft.

Noble was the second individual arrested in connection with the case. Adam Gray, 23, of Swanville was apprehended at the home by a man who Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said was using the basement while the homeowners were out of state.

Cunningham said it appeared the duo brought their own tote bag and pry bar to the scene, but that the men were also in possession of a pair of Cabela’s camouflage backpacks that belonged to the man who walked in on the alleged break-in.

“They were full of the stuff they were going to take with them,” said Cunningham.

The man reportedly kept Gray at the residence until police arrived, but Noble escaped through a basement window.

At that time, Gray was arrested on charges of burglary, possession of burglar’s tools and attempted theft, but police sought the public’s help with locating the man who was later identified as Noble. Belfast officers called on Maine State Police Trooper Corey Smith and his K-9 partner Freyja, but Cunningham said the police lost the suspect somewhere in the parking lot of Waldo County General Hospital.

Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said Cunningham worked with Patrolman Brian Lunt, Sgt. John Gibbs and and Detective Merl Reed with the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office to learn more about Gray’s alleged accomplice.

McFadden said Cunningham reviewed video surveillance footage at WCGH because the male subject, who was described as wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with white lettering, was last seen running through the hospital’s back parking lot.

McFadden said that’s when Cunningham found images of a young man who had apparently gone inside the hospital and asked staff there if he could use a telephone.

“The person actually called his mother to see if he could get a ride home,” said McFadden.

Cunningham was able to extract a few still images from the video footage, and McFadden said Reed immediately recognized the young man as Noble.

McFadden said Reed went to Noble’s residence and asked him about the Fahey Street burglary, and Noble reportedly admitted he was with Gray at the time of the break-in.

While interviewing Noble, McFadden said Reed noticed some jewelry that was laying out.

“[Reed] thought it seemed kind of out of place,” said McFadden.

When the detective inquired about the jewelry, McFadden said Noble reported that the jewelry was left at his residence by Gray, who had stopped in to see Noble prior to heading over to the Fahey Street residence.

Cunningham said Gray was familiar with the Fahey Street residence and that he had some idea of when the homeowners might be away, though the officer did not elaborate on how Gray knows the home or its residents.

McFadden said Reed confiscated the jewelry, although Noble said he didn’t know where Gray got it, and Gray told police he did not remember where it came from.

“I think people ought to check their jewelry boxes,” McFadden said. “If they notice any jewelry missing, they should give us a call.”

Anyone who believes they may be missing jewelry is asked to contact police at 338-5255.