Members of the Searsport Fire Department spent time Feb. 4 and 5 collecting supplies in an effort to give a local food pantry a boost.

According to Chief Jim Dittmeier, the department collected more than 1,000 pounds of non-perishable food items, all of which were given to the local food pantry run by the Searsport Congregational and Searsport United Methodist churches. The pantry is located in the Methodist church on Main Street (Route 1) in Searsport.

The contributions, according to Dittmeier, were enough to fill the shelves of the food pantry. The chief said the biggest individual contributors to the food drive were Wayne Hamilton (who, in addition to donating food also allowed firefighters to use one of his businesses delivery trucks to store the food that was collected) and DCP Midstream.

Scott Spaulding, a propane operator at DCP’s rail terminal in Auburn, said DCP employees got the idea to contribute to the food drive after learning about it while spending time in Searsport for a recent public meeting about the 22.7-million-gallon liquefied petroleum gas storage tank the company wants to build at Mack Point.

“In all our facilities, we reach out to the community,” said Spaulding, who drove a pickup truck carrying contributions for the food drive. He said DCP had just made similar donations in Auburn and in Albany, N.Y.

Another notable contribution, according to firefighters, was a $120 cash donation given by a donor who wished to remain anonymous. Dittmeier said the fire department appreciates everyone who gave for the food drive.