Six elementary schools in RSU 20 applied for mini-grants under the Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 program. And despite what was described as a very competitive group of applications, all six were selected for funding.

Below are the grant amounts each school was awarded and some of the uses the funds will be put toward:

  • Ames Elementary and Weymouth School, $1,499 each, for stability balls instead of chairs in the grades 3-5 (Ames) and K-2 (Weymouth) classrooms; expanding indoor recess and non-food reward programs to include hula hoping, a jump rope instructional video and jump ropes; and better educating parents on healthier eating and lifestyles through a Let’s Go! coordinators’ monthly newsletter, open houses and math and science night.
  • East Belfast School, $1,498, for enough snowshoes for one full class at a time to go outdoors to snowshoe to help teach the students about physical activity in the winter and additional sleds to give more students the opportunity to sled longer during recess and as a non-food reward.
  • Frankfort Elementary School, $980, for the purchase of equipment for active indoor recess, such as balls, jump ropes, and materials to make hula hoops and sleds to encourage the children to play in the snow on days that are cold but outdoor recess is still an option.
  • Nickerson School, $860, for stability balls instead of chairs in one classroom, a double-action pump to inflate and deflate the stability balls, a teacher guide on the use of the stability balls, and pop-up soccer goals for indoor recesses.
  • Searsport Elementary, $617, for seasonal posters and information about healthy eating, materials for students to make their own hula hoops, jump ropes, and the supplies to implement a school-wide mileage club on the trails on the school property and an alternate indoor course for use during inclement weather.