The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Feb. 2 and Feb. 8:


Diane E. Weinman to Eliah P. Thanhauser

Arthur H. Webber to Juliane M. Dow


Salvatore W. Saturnino and Olympia Saturnino to Charles S. Saturnino

Ralph Saturnino to Charles S. Saturnino


James L. Northup Jr. to Angelica Brissette and Jordon Brissette


Mary B. Dumont to Megan N. Bowman

Tara Renee Ferguson, Gloria May Barton and Stephen Delmont Barton to Tara R. Ferguson


Wendell R. Blodgett to Lisa W. D. Whittier and Richard A. Whittier


Charles H. Peet and Margaret S. Peet to Christopher Drew Lyon

John M. Kirschner to Salt Pond Group LP


Brenda L. English to Robert Allan Sparks


William J. Terry to William P. Terry and Lori L. Terry

Steven G. Marriner, Shirley L. Marriner and Shirley L. Ripley to Shirley L. Marriner


Todd B. Young to Carrie A. Cushman and Nicholas D. Cushman

Eleanor L. Small Estate to Daniel I. Small Jr.


Leroy L. Bean to Melvin L. Bean and Cathy L. Bean

Juanita E. Seekins Estate to Preston L. Seekins Jr., Dennis W. Seekins, Peter C. Seekins, Diane L. Gilmore and Angela D. Nevells

Allen D. Holmes and Richard A. Holmes to Janet H. Jackson, Joseph Holmes and Jonathan Holmes

Beata K. Norvlaan to DCP Midstream Partners LP

Stockton Springs

William W. Knoeller Estate to Dorothy Davidson and Barbara Knoeller

Judson Colby to Judson Colby and Chayann Colby


Stephen G. Fowler Sr., Stephen G. Fowler and Maxine E. Fowler to Gerald W. Fowler II and Terri-Lynn Pinkham Fowler


Wendy Jo Braley and Wendy Jo Young to Robert F. Young


Beatrice K. Cornforth to Beatrice K. Cornforth Living Trust


Town of Winterport to Mitchell Plante

Cindy C. Sewall and Charles W. Sewall to Martha J. Harris and Frederick L. Ward