Future MSAD 3 has announced the group’s newly elected officers for 2012. At a board meeting, members elected Doug Van Horn and Darren Mehuren as co-chairmen, along with Paula Miron as vice-chairwoman, Margaret Mains as secretary, and Marsha Shibles as treasurer.

The board is now actively fundraising for the athletic campaign phase that includes enhancements and improvement for Regional School Unit 3 athletics at the new Mount View K-12 school complex.

Future MSAD 3 has two interrelated missions:

  • To raise major funding for facilities and capital projects at the new Mount View School complex, to be used to provide facilities needed to meet this district’s unique challenges, and whose cost exceeds the level of state funding.
  • To continue long-term fundraising for facilities and programs to address future educational needs, strengthen a community-school partnership, and promote community use of and involvement with the school.

For more information, email dvanhorn@fairpoint.net or mehurendj@fairpoint.net.