About a dozen people carrying signs expressing opposition to the proposed liquified petroleum gas terminal project in Searsport braved the cold Monday night to bring their concerns to Congressman Mike Michaud.

Michaud, D-East Millinocket, represents Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and is running for re-election. Monday night, a fundraiser event to benefit Michaud’s campaign was held at the Colonial Theatre in Belfast, and opponents of the liquefied petroleum gas project proposed by DCP MIdstream of Colorado gathered across the street from the theater as they awaited the Congressman’s arrival.

Those who came to address the topic of LPG with Michaud carried signs that read, “Stop the tank, save Maine,” “Maine is not for sale,” and “Hey Mike, where do you stand on the tank?” Some signs displayed support for the coalition of local residents and businesspeople — known as Thanks But No Tank — that opposes the project, while others urged Searsport residents to vote yes on an article seeking approval for a moratorium on LPG-related projects, which is set for a vote at the annual town meeting on Saturday, March 10.

One of those carrying a sign seeking support for the moratorium was M.J. Crowe of Belfast. Crowe said she hopes Searsport voters will approve the moratorium because she said it will give the town a couple of months to review ordinances and land regulations to ensure the project will be a safe addition to the town.

“It’ll give them time to go over all of those things,” she said, adding that she sees no need to rush into the project.

Others who were at the rally were there to deliver a different message to Michaud, one that sought his signature on a letter to President Barack Obama from Representatives Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and Walter Jones, R-NC, calling for “a robust and sustained diplomacy to prevent war with Iran.” That message was spelled out in a letter to Michaud that was being circulated at the entrance of the theater.

As a dark-colored SUV parked in front of the theater, the group moved across the street with the intentions of asking Michaud what his position was on the proposed LPG project and on the potential for a war with Iran.

Diane Messer of Liberty, who carried both anti-war and anti-LPG signs, approached the congressman immediately, told him of the crowd’s concerns and asked him for his support on LPG and avoiding another war.

Michaud listened as Messer spoke to him, and as he headed inside the theater he held up the letter asking him to sign on with Ellison and Jones and said, “I’ll take a look at this.”