Police are asking locals to keep their cars locked and avoid storing valuable items inside their vehicles following a series of complaints about small items being stolen from unlocked vehicles around the city.

A message that was posted on the wall of the Belfast Police Department’s Facebook page this week warned the public of the ongoing thefts.

“There have been some individuals stealing small items from unlocked vehicles over the last few nights. Please lock your vehicles and if you have any suspicion about who this might be please let us know. You can remain anonymous but please ask to speak with an officer just the same,” the posting read.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said unlike past rashes of car burglaries, these vehicle break-ins are not limited to a particular neighborhood.

“They’re happening in different parts of town,” he said.

Cunninghman said none of the thefts involved any major items — in one case, Cunningham said the owner reported some loose change missing, but it appeared that nothing else was gone.

Anyone with information on the vehicle break-ins is asked to contact police at 338-2420.