“The Most Awesome Sleep-Over in the History of the World,” a one-act play for middle school students by Midcoast playwright and former Camden Hills Regional High School teacher Jon Potter, has been published by JAC Publishing & Promotions. JAC, former publisher of and current web host for the New England Entertainment Digest, publishes plays and industry-related books.

Potter’s first contact with theater was in high school, where he acted in Shakespeare and Chekhov. He continued working as an actor in college and briefly joined an independent group for summer stock. After graduate school at Harvard and a summer at the Stratford Institute, he began teaching and directing at a variety of small secondary schools, ran a traveling Commedia del’ Arte troupe and eventually ended up in Maine, where he resides today, in Rockport. A few years ago, he founded Rolling Stock Company, a local Commedia del’ Arte troupe.

Along the way, Potter began writing scripts for his students, community groups and university players. Many of these have been performed locally and several, regionally; one was produced in New York City; and one will get a stage reading in April by the Belfast Maskers. A number of Potter’s plays have been published. In “The Most Awesome Sleep-Over in the History of the World,” eight middle school girls decide to have a sleepover in an unused attic in their school. As it progresses, they learn a lot about each other and themselves.

The play is available online at jacpub.com and amazon.com, where a Kindle version also will be available.