The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Feb. 23 and Feb. 29:


Richard H. LaHaye Jr. and Pamela LaHaye to Goldenrod Properties LLC

Robert C. Harvey to Robert C. Harvey Living Trust

Eldon Loblein and Kathy M. Loblein to Camden National Bank


Dale A. Thomas and Beatrice Thomas to Dale A. Thomas Jr.


Jeffrey D. Murch to Derek Grenier and Amanda Grenier


Nicholas Fedyna Estate to Stephanie K. Fedyna Estate

Stephanie Fedyna Est. to Lorraine Fedyna


Cornelia D. Larrabee to Cornelia D. Larrabee and Susan Bilodeau


Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-OPT1 to Mark Siegenthaler

Patricia D. Ingvoldstad to Diana Coppinger-Corrarino

Alyssa Bregman to Laura D. French

Daniel E. Bergman to Laura D. French, Mary Lou French and Joseph A. French


OneWest Bank FSB, Christopher M. Smith and Naomi M. McGrane to Federal National Mortgage Association

Town of Monroe to Maine Farmland Trust Inc.

Albert D. Lessor and Natalie G. Lessor to Gregory E. Morrison


Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc., Donnie W. Mehuren, Don W. Mehuren and Crystal P. Stone to Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc.


Ervin E. Wood and Ruth H. Wood to Michael E. Marden and Ramona J. Marden

Ervin E. Wood and Ruth H. Wood to Jethro D. Pease and Diana C. Pease

Terrence E. Stone, Rosalie A. Stone, Kimberly O. Stone Dagnese, Kimberly O. Stone, Geoffrey M. Stone and Stacey A. Stone to Raymond E. Stone Jr. and Marcia J. Stone


Josephine Y. Pendleton Living Trust to Thomas J. Pendleton, Belinda Pendleton, Denise Pendleton and Brianna Luna Pendleton

Christopher S. Staples to Christopher S. Staples and Marianne R. Staples

Town of Searsmont to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation


Elizabeth A. McWilliams and Elizabeth A. Parkinson to Elizabeth A. McWilliams and Dwight D. McWilliams

Stockton Springs

Town of Stockton Springs to Peter O. Marden and Terry G. Marden


Town of Swanville to Claribel Marks


Stephanie Fedyna Estate to Janice Fedyna-Bodi

Ivan Ray Zimmerman to Ivan Ray Zimmerman and Martha S. Zimmerman

Gary J. Tuthill to Ivan Ray Zimmerman and Martha S. Zimmerman


Dennis Keach and Edith E. Keach to Debbie A. Doyon

Stephanie Fedyna Estate to Annett Fedyna-Japhet

Todd A. Trull to Leroy D. Trull

William E. Russell and Susan W. Russell to John A. Bosco and Patricia V. Bosco


Joy M. Gurney to Nathan R. Carter and Catharine A. Carter


James Barker to James Barker and Chrystal A. Barker

Suzan G. Howard and Richard S. Howard to William R. Bruschi