The Belfast City Council on Tuesday night approved land and building agreements with Front Street Shipyard, funded an addition to the Fire Station, nominated two local business for a state award and took initial steps to reauthorize the Intown Design Review ordinance.

Specifically, the council:

• Approved an amendment to the contract rezoning agreement between the city and Front Street Shipyard owner DUBBA LLC that includes increasing the footprint of a building slated for construction on the site of the former sardine cannery located next to the footbridge.

• Approved a Comprehensive Master Agreement between the city and DUBBA LLC, which contains numerous articles relating to land ownership and operations at Front Street Shipyard. Councilor Roger Lee voiced concern over what he considered an unnecessary rule that would require bicyclists to walk their bikes on the portion of the proposed Harbor Walk that runs through the shipyard property. Lee was joined by councilors Mike Hurley and Eric Sanders, while Councilor Nancy Hamilton spoke in support of the rule, described by Shipyard General Manager JB Turner as a precaution based on an expectation of pedestrians entering the walkway from the shipyard’s boat slips during the summer. The Council voted to change the language slightly to allow for review of the rule in a year, but otherwise approved the agreement.

• Approved a commercial land lease between the city and DUBBA LLC. for the parcel of city-owned property on which the shipyard’s newest and largest building was recently constructed.

• Approved spending up to $96,000 from the city’s general fund for a 32-foot by 60-foot addition to the fire station to be located at the west end of the existing station (where the Smokey the Bear fire risk sign currently stands; Smokey will be moved to the other side of the building) and resurface the parking lot. The Council agreed to bypass the bidding process in order to hire Mitch Brown, who was recommended by Fire Chief Jim Richards. Some of the work will also be done by the Belfast Public Works Department. Councilor Sanders noted that he was in favor of approving the request but asked for clarification on bypassing the bid process. The Council has a policy of putting work costing more than $4,000 out to bid, but is not required to do so.

• Voted to nominate Front Street Shipyard and G•O Logic for the 2012 Governor’s Awards for Business Excellence. The businesses were presented as two that city staff recommended nominating.

• Approved a first reading to reauthorize the Intown Design Review ordinance as it was amended in 2008 to require mandatory compliance with the recommendations of the city’s Design Review Committee for businesses within the center of the downtown commercial district. Councilors Lee and Hurley each said they wanted to revisit the boundaries of the mandatory compliance area in the belief that the original lines skirted some businesses that should be included in the zone. The first reading was accepted based on the expiration of the ordinance at the end of the month and with the expectation that the Council would revisit the topic before the second and final reading.

• Acknowledged members of the Belfast Chess Club. The club recently took first place in the K-6 novice division at the 2012 State Scholastic Chess Team Championship. Six members of the club came to the Council meeting.

• Approved a purchase by the Belfast Police Department of a $5,050 camera system for the department’s spare cruiser, paid from a police cruiser capital account.

• Held two closed-door sessions. Both were to discuss real estate matters.