An anonymous cat that was freed from a storm drain grate in mid-February and last seen, according to a police official, taking off “for parts unknown” has been identified this week by her grateful family.

On Feb. 16, Amy Dyer Kelley was walking her dog Shay along Northport Avenue in Belfast when Shay alerted her to a cat whose head was stuck in a storm drain grate. Dyer Kelley called her husband, Belfast police officer Eric Kelley, who responded to the scene and was joined by Belfast public works officials and Brian Blood (owner of Blood’s Garage, located nearby).

Using a lubricant from the garage, one normally used to put tires on rims of vehicles, the cat was freed from the storm drain grate after about 10 minutes. It was at that time, according to Belfast police Det. Sgt. Bryan Cunningham, that the cat absconded from the scene.

It turns out the cat’s name is Charlene, who according to her people (Lisa and Patrick Walsh), “moved to town six months ago … from the wilds of Morrill,” where she reportedly won awards as a “champion mouser.”

Described as independent and not a lap cat, Charlene has reportedly adapted well to urban life but “continued to want to be outside most of the day.”

Charlene’s people speculate that a culvert on Union Street caught the cat’s attention and that she must have followed it up to Northport Avenue. Seeing light coming from the storm drain, they figure, she must have tried to exit that way, only to end up getting herself stuck.

Charlene was found by her people later that evening “covered with slime,” leaving them wondering what exactly had happened to her.

It wasn’t until reading VillageSoup several days later that Charlene’s people learned — to their surprise — what she had been through. They said they wanted everyone to know that she was “distressed just for that one evening, especially after the bathing part, but that she has recovered completely.”

Charlene and her people extend their thanks to the following parties for the role they played in Charlene’s rescue: “Amy Dyer Kelly, for noticing her; Shay, for showing restraint; Belfast Public Works staff, Eric Kelly and Blood’s Garage for their consideration in rescuing her; and VillageSoup for its report.”