A new scholarship fund at the Maine Community Foundation benefiting adult students on Islesboro honors the memory of Diane Ober and Kevin Hubbard, who had strong ties to the island.

The Diane Ober and Kevin Hubbard Memorial Blue Sky Fund will support students 23 years of age or older who reside on Islesboro or are graduates of Islesboro Central School and who are pursuing projects or courses of study intended to help them “focus and further a life passion.”

Ober grew up on the island and graduated from the ICS. An adventurous individual, she was a gifted guitarist and singer. Hubbard, the husband of a longtime friend of Diane, often visited the island. Also a guitarist, he was a graphic artist and sportswriter who became a college graduate in his 40s. Both practiced “blue sky thinking” in their lives and activities.

Preference will be given to applicants who, like Ober and Hubbard, “have overcome personal adversity, embody humanity with kindness and humor, and are keen to master something new,” according to a press release from MCF.

Scholarships will be made by the town of Islesboro’s Scholarship Committee in conjunction with the community foundation’s Bettie H. MacRae Fund, which supports adult learners on Islesboro pursuing formal education.

For more information, visit mainecf.org or call 1-877-700-6800.