Brooks Park Boosters will host an Easter celebration Saturday, April 7, at the community park and in the village of Brooks. The day kicks off at noontime with a children’s Easter egg hunt and continues at 1 p.m. with local businesses participating in Easter Pies on Parade, an event to raise funds for this year’s Fourth of July fireworks.

The Easter egg hunt will be free of charge; two areas will be set aside, one for children up to age 5 and a second for children between the ages of 6 and 10.

The $10 fee for Easter Pies on Parade will provide participants with a list of more than 15 organizations, businesses and nonprofits throughout town, where, beginning at 1 p.m., pie and other tasty samples will be available. While tasting, participants can learn more about the businesses and organizations throughout, or with a connection to, Brooks. All funds will go toward this year’s Fourth of July fireworks.

Organizations participating in this event include Ralph’s Cafe, The Brooks Park Boosters, The Marsh River Theater, Newforest Institute, The Brooks Preservation Society, The Brooks Congregational Church, The Harvest Home Grange, Singing Nettle Farm, Four Elements Design, Build Green Maine and Brooks Fire Department.

For more information, call Frank Champa at 722-3893.

About Brooks Park Boosters

The goal of Brooks Park Boosters is to work together to provide a safe and community-oriented environment for children and adults to come together for field sports, outdoor activities and socialization. Our aim is to foster and develop growth and civic involvement in our town.