This season has been a strong one for middle school wrestlers throughout Waldo County as Troy Howard Middle School, Cummings Compound and Searsport District Middle School student-athletes all took to the mats in recent weeks at the Pine Tree Wrestling League state and Eastern regional championships.

Troy Howard nabbed second-place honors at the regional competition March 24 at Camden Hills Regional High School and also finished strong at the state competition March 31 at Bath Middle School, securing a fourth-place finish.

Cummings Compound, a middle school wrestling club based out of Belfast, earned a fifth-place finish at the regionals and was 11th among 25 teams at the state championships. Searsport, which has only one independent wrestler, finished near the bottom of the team scoring.

Cummings Compound’s Dagan Berenyi and Troy Howard’s Marlin Hanson each secured individual state championships.

Bereyni, competing in the 117-pound weight class, bested Brewer’s Dylan Frost in the finals; while Hanson, competing in the 210-pound division, bested Mount Ararat’s John Stinson to win the crown.

Both grapplers also secured their respective regional titles the previous week.

Gardiner’s Peter DelGallo was named the state meet’s outstanding wrestler.

Team scores from the state championships were: Bath, 139.5; Oceanside, 101.5; Mountain Valley of Rumford, 93; Troy Howard, 75; Mount Ararat and Medomak Middle School, 70.5; SaWaLi, 67; Dirigo of Dixfield, 65.5; Gardiner, 57; Ellsworth, 51; Cummings Compound, 49; Brewer, 38; Nokomis of Newport and Oxford Hills of South Paris, 31; Augusta, 30; Monmouth, 24; Camden-Rockport, 21; Brunswick, 16; Edward Little of Auburn, 13.5; Phillip Sugg of Lisbon Falls, Hermon and Bucksport, 12; Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville, 2; Searsport, 1; and Freeport, no score.

The individual state results for Waldo County wrestlers included:

75 pounds — Patrick Curtis, TH, was pinned by Noah Dumas, Aug, at 3:59; pinned Wyatt Lufkin, Dir, at 0:52; and lost to Logan Lord, CC, 14-0. Lord, CC, pinned Josh Thibodeau, MtV, at 1:20; lost to Danny Buteau, SWL, 4-0; defeated Curtis, TH, 14-0; and pinned Noah Dumas, CC, at 1:06 to finish third.

82 pounds — Austin Merando, TH, was pinned by Kolton Brochu, TH, at 1:39; defeated Xavier Adams, SUGG, 8-7; and fell to Taylor Alleano, OHMS, 10-5.

89 pounds — Brendan Bruns, TH, defeated Damian Grubb, MtA, 10-7; was pinned by Ethan Boucher, MtV, at 1:10; defeated Bennett Penney, Ocean, 6-2; and pinned Grubb, MtA, at 1:59 to finish third.

96 pounds — Peyton Cole, CC, defeated Abram Sirois, Mon, 15-0; fell to Griffin Smith, Dir, 3-2 (OT); defeated Reed Kiah, Brew, 21-5; and beat Steven Thompson, Med, 7-4 to finish third.

110 pounds — Jacob Waterman, TH, defeated Mike Provencher, MtV, 10-0; was pinned by Peter Delgallo, Gar, at 2:50; defeated Michael Harper, SWL, at 3:21; and defeated Ryan Kiah, Bre, 7-0 to finish third.

117 pounds — Dagan Berenyi, CC, defeated Josh Burke, Free, 16-1; defeated Riley McCollett, Med, 16-0; and defeated Dylan Frost, Brew, 9-1 to finish first.

131 pounds — Drew Nealey, TH, pinned Jason Williams, MtA, at 0:54; fell to Zach Fifield, Bath, 19-4; pinned Logan Trumen, OHMS, at 1:15; and fell to Henry Adams, SUGG, 5-4. Troy Reynolds, Sears, was pinned by Fifield, Bath, at 0:50; defeated Jason Williams, MtA, 9-3; and fell to Henry Adams, Sugg, 9-0.

145 pounds — Jacob Harford, TH, fell to John Hetherman, MtA, at 0:39; and lost to Spencer Barron, Ells, 10-0.

155 pounds — Simon Lacasse, TH, pinned Ethan Valler, Mon, at 0:31; fell to Jason Montina, Ells, 2-0; pinned Devan Hooper, Med, at 2:15; and pinned Sam Rideout, OHMS, at 1:31 to finish third.

210 pounds — Marlin Hanson, TH, pinned Spencer Wodatch, Bath, at 0:10 and pinned John Stinson, MtA, at 1:57 to finish first.

Troy Howard, Cummings Compound at regionals

The Pine Tree Wrestling League Eastern regional championships preceded the states and saw strong finishes from both Troy Howard and Cummings Compound, as those squads finished among the top half of the 12-team field.

The Lions nabbed a second-place finish behind regional champion Oceanside, while Cummings Compound finished fifth.

Troy Howard’s Hanson (210 pounds) secured a first-place finish, while Cummings Compound’s Peyton Cole (96 pounds), Trent Goodman (110 pounds) and Dagan Berenyi (117 pounds) also nabbed their respective regional titles.

Team scores for the regional championships were: Oceanside, 149; Troy Howard, 121; Medomak, 120; Ellsworth, 111; Cummings Compound, 92.5; Brewer, 81; Nokomis, 80; Bucksport, 68; Camden-Rockport, 60; Hermon, 58; Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville, 57.5; and Searsport, 9.

75 pounds — Patrick Curtis, TH, received a bye; fell to Ben Ripley, Ocean, 14-0; pinned Eli McCollett, Med, at 0:41; and defeated Dawson Allen, HAL, 12-4 to finish third. Logan Lord, CC, defeated McCollett, Med, 15-0; defeated Allen, HAL, 8-0; and fell to Ripley, Ocean, 12-7 to finish second.

82 pounds — Austin Merando, TH, pinned Devin Darveau, Buck, at 0:16; was pinned by Connor McGonagle, Ocean, at 0:42; defeated Nick Hill, Med, 10-5; and defeated Drew Kelly, HAL, 6-4 to finish third.

89 pounds — Brendan Bruns, TH, pinned Ian Coleman, Bre, at 3:01; defeated Bennett Penney, Ocean, 9-0; and fell to Quinton Richards, Nok, 15-4 to finish second.

96 pounds — Peyton Cole, CC, pinned Ethan Cayouette, CRMS, at 1:22; pinned Colin Fraser, Nok, at 1:23; and defeated Steven Thompson, Med, 15-0 to finish first. Jacob Racioppi was pinned by Colin Fraser, Nok, at 0:27; pinned Cayouette, CRMS, at 1:21; and fell to Josh Wright, Ells, at 3:59.

103 pounds — Zack Sheafe, TH, fell to Brody Boynton, Buck, 9-4 (OT), and was pinned by Rayanne Leach, Med, at 0:30.

110 pounds — Trent Goodman, CC, pinned Sam Horne, Ells, at 0:28; defeated Ryan Kiah, Bre, 13-0; and defeated Dallas Ball, Ocean, 15-0 to finish first. Jacob Waterman, TH, pinned Korbin Daniels, Med, at 2:52; was pinned by Ball, Ocean, at 0:56; pinned Tyler Cyr, Her, at 1:19; and defeated Kiah, Bre, 7-2 to finish third.

117 pounds — Dagan Berenyi, CC, pinned Tyler Wood, CRMS, at 1:23; pinned Joe Mann, Buck, at 2:58; and pinned Dylan Frost, Bre, at 1:35 to finish first. John Golgano, TH, was pinned by Riley McCollett, Med, at 3:14; defeated Cameron Petros, Ells, 8-6; and lost to Joe Mann, Buck, by disqualification.

124 pounds — Konnor Harford, TH, was pinned by Elvis Bowen, CRMS, at 0:23; and was pinned by Alex McLaughlin, Ocean, at 0:17.

131 pounds — Troy Reynolds, Sears, defeated Josh Hall, Buck, 7-0; was pinned by Drew Nealey, TH, at 1:32; pinned Xander Kanis, Bre, at 2:28; and was pinned by Tyler Sawyer, Ocean, at 0:29.

138 pounds — Jesse Bishop, TH, fell to Lucas Boles, Her, at 0:57; and was pinned by Jamie McAlpine, Ells, at 0:57.

145 pounds — Jacob Harford, TH, pinned Alex Benge, Her, at 2:51; was pinned by Spencer Baron, Ells, at 1:44; pinned Eben Merrifield, TH, at 0:51; and was pinned by Gage Ruano, Med, at 0:46.

155 pounds — Simon Lacasse, TH, pinned Devan Hooper, Med, at 2:59; was pinned by Jason Montina, Ells, at 2:48; pinned Reagan Billingsley, Ocean, at 3:31; and pinned Hooper, Med, at 1:41 to finish third.

210 pounds — Marlin Hanson, TH, pinned Ian Goff, Ocean, at 0:30 to finish first.

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