The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between March 2 and March 8:


Bay Head Builders Inc. to Robert W. Roxby

Jane Sanford to Shana Hanson

Tom Sawyer and Ellen Sawyer to Ben Sawyer and Amanda Sawyer

Kevin L. Kenney and Brent L. Kenney to James J. Dooling and Elizabeth Tenaglia

Vesna Ashe to Vesna Ashe and Allan Ashe

E. Carolyn Zachary and David S. Dancy to Raymond S. Greenberg and Leah D. Greenberg


Lillian M. Eliot to Nicholas Parker


Village Homes Development Inc. to James K. Leathers and Timberly E. Leathers


Jeffrey A. Barnes Estate to William E. Russell and Susan W. Russell

Jeffrey A. Barnes Estate to William E. Russell and Susan W. Russell


Valerie L. Walker to Richard L. Boyle


Elizabeth Roderick to Lauren K. Bruce

Lyle & Umbach Properties LLC to October Properties LLC


Douglas Lee Sherman to Dane Moruzzi and Elizabeth Moruzzi


Bangor Savings Bank to Mark Catell and Vicki Catell

Northeast Bank to Northeast Bank

Northeast Bank to John D. Bertuzzi


Rebecca A. Parker to Barbara L. Parker Dolloff, Kaitlyn E. Dolloff and Rebecca A. Parker


Town of Montville to Matthew Barnard and Terri D. Barnard


Citi Property Holdings Inc., Robin E. Webster and Ralph G. Webster to RESI Whole Loan VI LLC


Mariann Christman Carter to Lionel Irrevocable Trust

Searsport Water District to Donald R. Bouchard and Rebecca R. Bouchard

Herbert L. Frost to Herbert L. Frost Living Trust

John Rodgers and Jewel Rodgers to Advantaria Trust LLC

Stockton Springs

Sheryl Lynn Warman to Hugh Pomeroy Jr. and Linda Pomeroy

Annie Berk to Annie Berk Living Trust


Barbara E. MacMahon Living Trust to James E. Kinch and Suzanne M. Kinch

Town of Swanville to Seth Beal


Kenneth B. Shibles Living Trust to Kendall S. Shibles


Thomas M. Nisbet Sr. and Beverly A. Nisbet to Thomas M. Nisbet Sr. Living Trust


Green Tree Servicing LLC to Shari L. Jordan

Daniel C. Bowman to Richard Samuel Lewis


Gary Walker and Melanie Walker to Albert Glossian Jr. and Sarah Vickers

Rich McAdam to Clayton Lewis

Bret Lowe to Valerie H. Tribuzio